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Recently i made an about us page on a subdomain ( I thought to share this useful technique with you and here i am going to tell you that how you can easily make a subdomain on custom domain. This would help you to make contact page or advertise page separately on subdomain
 Subdomain is the domain named under main domain. 


If you have a domain ( Then you can create free subdomain

( on blogger
Follow the Below Steps to Easily Set Up Subdomain On Godaddy Using Blogger.

  • Go to Blogger
  • Log-In to your Account
  • Make a New Blog and name it of your choice eg: (
  • Now Navigate to your new made blog Dashboard
  • Go to Settings Tab
  • Click Basic
  • Navigate to Publishing Tab
  • You will see Blog Address inside Publishing Tab
  • Click “+Add a Custom Domain”
  • Click Switch To Advanced Settings
  • Now you will see a box where you have to put subdomain( Write there Subdomain and click Save. You will see something like below image

  • Leave it there and go to Godaddy
  • Log-In to your Account
  • Click View My Account
  • You will be directed to your Account Page
  • You will see domains at the top.
  • Click Launch button and you will be directed to your Domain list page
  • Click your domain name of which you want to make subdomain and you will be directed to your Domain Settings Page
  • Click DNS Button Placed at left top of that page and a dropdown menu will appear. Click on DNS Manager
  • A new tab will be open show your Domain DNS Settings
  • Click Edit Zone Button Placed below the Domain Name of the domain you want to choose
  • Now Go to the step you left above and copy first name,Label,Host
  • Now click Quick Add Button In “CNAME” Portion and Paste the copied “Name,Label,Host” In the “Host” Field and Copy the Destination( and Paste it in “Points to” Field.
  • Click Again ‘Quick Add’ Button and now copy second “Name,Label,Host” and Paste it into the “Host” Field and Similarly copy and paste second “Destination” into “Points to” Field.
  • After Adding, Scroll Down and Click Save Zone File
  • Now go to Advanced Setting Step and Enter your Subdomain and Click Save.

Congrats! You Are Done! This may take a Day to Apply Settings.

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