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Posted by Syed Muhammad Ali

If you have applied custom template on your blog downloaded from templateism,templateify or Other Popular Marketplace. Then you might face a serious problem. I got an email from a blogger and he was asking that how he can remove non-removable Credits link from  blogger template. This made me think and i came to an idea. I took a template and did some coding and got great results. This is possible to remove Non-Removable footer Credits from Blogger Template. The method i am describing below applies to all widgets whose footer cannot be removed easily.
This is an easy method to Remove Credits from templates. You just have to add a piece of code and you are done. Follow the Below Steps to Remove Footer Credits form Non-Removable Footer Credits Template.

I am sharing with you and easiest way of remove Footer Credits.

  • Find the tag where the Footer Credits are Placed

Example: The Credit Code which i found in my Template was

Designed By Seo Blogger Templates

  • You have to Find a similar code in your Template. You can find it by Writing the Text which have been written in your Blog Footer. (eg: Designed By)
  • After you find it. Find the ‘Div’ tag above it. (eg: Above Example Red Code Highlighted text)

How to Get the Code:

To get code you need to subscribe with us using the below Subscribe form and Facebook like is also required, (use the sidebar Like Box or Below this Post Box). Put your Email in Comments and we will send you code within 12 hours.

  • The next step you have to do is to Place this whole code (From Red Highlighted Code to Yellow Highlighted Code) Between the Given Code

Look at the Below Example:

Designed By Seo Blogger Templates

  • Now save your Template and you are Done!

I hope this tutorial will help you in Removing the Footer Credits from your Template.

Kindly ask your questions in Below Comments.

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