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Written By Peter Milar

What would you say if I tell you ASP.NET is the pantheon of programming language frameworks? If you are keeping yourself up with the latest in technology, you would agree. And if not, here is why you need to understand why I make that claim.
Developed by Microsoft, .NET is a highly trusted platform for those who wish to introduce in the market some powerful applications that will help them win customers in large quantity.

The whole cluster of capabilities you are offered with makes ASP.NET and undisputed great choice for your software application development needs. This technology has powered such incredibly useful web applications that its importance and the reliability on it has multiplied by several factors. Let us check out what makes ASP.NET what it is today:
When the aim is to bathe your web application in features to create a strong and quick impact in the market, ASP.NET is your ally. It has a truckload of functions that help you in introducing unique functionalities that also happen to be sleek and powerful. When you are playing to the gallery, you need ASP.NET. When you are aiming for quality, you need ASP.NET. Hell, you need ASP.NET just about everywhere and anywhere in the programming world.

And when we talk of abound features, what comes to our mind is the concern if the application will run on multiple browsers or not. And this is again where ASP.NET stands apart as despite so much setup and features, it manages to be compatible with several browsers like Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safar, Netscape and many more. The compatibility with different OS is also guaranteed and it makes you worry less, negligibly less. Responsiveness is of the highest order and the users of the app do not experience crashes on applications which otherwise would considerably mar their total experience when it comes to using the app. 
Developers have always gushed about how ASP.NET has helped them turn into developers from just some novice who hardly had any inking towards developing applications. Coding is not an easy endeavor, but .NET has managed to make programmers out of non-programmers and that happens to be its biggest contribution. The code layout in this platform is structured in such a manner that for even the novices, understanding it becomes a task accompanied with much harmonization. There is no need to invest hours and days to understand a piece of code if it is written in ASP.NET. Everything is pretty straight forward and learners find it easier to master this language than anything else. The various libraries and extensions further boost one of the aspects of ASP.NET, that is, the need to write minimum code. And this further leads to more people adopting ASP.NET as their favored choice. 

As and when the need arises to make dynamic changes to your web apps, you are given freedom to do so, without having to tinker with the configurations. The whole set up is such that changes can be made on the fly without disturbing the other elements of the structure.
The search for .NET developers is met with diversified options. The popularity of this platform is such that in major countries of the world that offer software development, people have adopted this technology and are continually moving towards becoming the top service provider in their domain. Outsourcing ASP.NET development to India is a feasible option as you would acquire value driven services at a much reasonable price. Besides, you won’t have to incur the standard costs (which by the way runs in several thousand dollars) to install the technology infrastructure at your enterprise.

If you are seeking best web application development, I would say don’t look beyond ASP.NET. You don’t  have a lot of reasons to do so!

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