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Posted by Syed Muhammad Ali

Gmail is powered by Google and is providing great mailing Service, It is alternative to yahoo.The biggest advantage of Gmail is that you can Log-in on all Google Accounts using your Gmail Email  and Password.

You can easily send messages to your Friends using Gmail. Gmail provides 15GB for Storing Mails and it is a biggest advantage for a business man.

Just Follow the Below Instruction to Make Gmail Account:

  • Go to Gmail
  • Click Create An Account Button at top right Corner
  • Fill the form correctly and Click Next Step
  • Now you will be directed to mobile No confirmation page,
  • Check your Number and Choose option of Getting Verification Code
  • Click Continue
  • A code will be Messaged to you and write this code in required field.

Congrats!, You are done!. You will be Directed towards your Gmail Account.

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