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Posted by Syed Muhammad Ali

Today i am sharing top 5 Search Engine where you can submit your blog sitemap to Boost your blog traffic. Search engines plays an important role in getting Pageviews. In order to improve seo, you must submit your blog sitemap to these search engines. My 80% of blog’s traffic comes from Search Engine.

Submit Your Blog Sitemap to Google

Below are some Search Engines where you should submit sitemap.
As you all Know, Google is the No.1 Search Engine in the World with the Estimated Daily Pageviews of 1,000,000,000. Google has 1 Alexa Rank.
Bing is a search engine offered by Microsoft and is No.2 Search Engine in the world. It is getting 290,000,000 daily pageviews and have 19 Alexa Rank.
Yahoo also offers the biggest search engine which has an estimated pageviews of 250,000,000 and have 19 Alexa Rank. You can get a big advantage of using yahoo Search Engine for your Blog by Submitting Sitemap is also a great Search Engine which have an estimated pageviews of 150,000,000 and have 37 Alexa Rank.
Aol is an another great Search Engine have an estimated daily Page Views of 43,000,000. It has Alexa Rank of 137. You can use it to search anything on the Web

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