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Posted by Syed Muhammad Ali

This is a good news for blogger that Google is allowing to use custom Google Plus Profile Url. Before this, Google Plus users had a long profile Url written in numbers but now you can upgrade your Profile Url to custom word. This is another great option from Google+, you have not to remember the long profile Url but you can easily make a custom Url link and remember this code easily. You can create Easily custom Url by below method easily but your code must have your Google+ Profile Id name. The Code will Look like this:

  • Click on the Home Button at top left of the Page
  • A drop down will appear, click on Profile to Go to Your Profile

  • You Profile will Open, You will see a Navigation Menu at top of the Page 

Displaying “Your profile is eligible for a custom URL”

  • Click on Get Url button and a Pop-up will appear. 
  • Chose your Custom Url and Tick the Box to Accept their Temps and Conditions

You are Done!. Now your have made a custom Url which you can easily remember. Ask your Questions in Below Comments 

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