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Many people are now a days using online storage for storing their photos and other things.

Many companies provides online free cloud storage and you can easily upload your important documents so that they might not get deleted. Today I am going to share with you some great online free cloud storage Services with free high volume up to 15GB.

Below are top 5 Online File Storage Services

Just cloud is a big online storage company which is trusted by many users and is no.1 storage service. Just Cloud also provide free Online Storage so it’s a great option to use just cloud for storing your Documents safely.

Google Drive is a online storage service offered by Google. If you have a Gmail account, then you can easily Log-In to Google Drive using your Gmail account. Google Drive is the easiest,safest and Fastest way to store your Data online. They provide 15GB of free space to their customers and you can buy further volume at low prices.

Drop Box is also a great service for online storage. They also provide free online storage. They also provide desktop software to upload file fast. Their Service is remarkably clean and refreshingly uncomplicated.
Box is a good online data storage service which gives you huge spaces at very low rates. It also gives you free space. You can upload your important files to box without being danger of format.
OpenDrive is also a great online storage Service, Uploading data is easy to do. Simple select the files you wish to store, then drag and drop them into your open drive account. I am impressed with how the easy the user interface is to use especially considering Open Drive’s ability to preview audio, videos and documents. If you cannot afford their space rates then you can use Google drive because they give you 15GB of free space and easy to use.

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