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Posted by Syed Muhammad Ali

If you have just started blogging and get rejected from Google Adsense, dont get panic. There are many alternates of Google adsense whom you can apply and make the same amount of money as one makes from Adsense. Some of these alternatives also does not require rewiew! You just have to make account and you are ready to place ads on your blog.
Qadabra is the best alternative of Google Adsense. Qadabra provides best ads to their publishers and you can make a lot of money using Qadabra.
Using Bidvertiser on your blog is also a good way to make money. Bidvertiser cpc rate is alsmost equal to Adsense so making account there is a good idea. There ads are of good quality. provides mostly text ads but it’s one of the best alternative of Adsense. You can get ads of all sizes. There ads are of good quality and pays you good money.
Making money from text kink ads is also a good way. Infolinks is the best alternative of Google Adsense text link ads. So make account there and will not have to wait for approval of your website
Chitika provides text ads and banner ads. You will also not need to wait for approval but you can easily get ad codes by signing up there. There donot pay much but still better than other advertising networks

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