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Posted by Syed Muhammad Ali

Today, This article will tell you the successful ad sizes which would maximize your revenue Using successful ad sizes on your blog will make your cpc better. This method is effective for any Ad Company. Below I am sharing succesful ad sizes which you can place on your Blog

The Most effective Ad size is 336X280 which is used on many blogs. It is a large rectangle. You can place it in your Blog Sidebar

Another successful ad size is 300X250 which is a medium Rectangle and also used by many bloggers. You can place it in your Posts and also in blog Sidebar

This is also the most successful ad size. It size is 728X90 Leader Board which you can place it on your Blog Header and between blog Post. It attract the visitor and can also trick your visitor.

Wider Skyscrapper (160X600) is the successful ad size and you can place it in your Blog Sidebar and can get maximum cpc.

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