Change Blog Background Color With and Image | InfoTechBlogging InfoTechBlogging: Change Blog Background Color With and Image

Today i am sharing this tutorial for Newbies who want to change their blog background color with an

image or another color. This also works for the templates who have restrictions to change background


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Changing Background Color is an Easy task. You just have to add some codes in your Blog Template

and you are done!

Just follow the Below steps to change Background color

(1)- Go to Blogger

(2)- Log-in to your Dashboard

(3)-Go to templates Section

(4)- Click Edit Html

(5)- Find by pressing Ctrl+F Key

(6)- Paste the Below Code just Below tag.

(7)- Save Your Template
Replace Image_url with the Image you want to Set as Background Image.

You can Also change the Background Color of a Specific Post.

To Add it Only on Specific Post Paste the Above code Inside the Post Html Instead of Placing It on the


I hope This Tutorial have helped you. Kindly Ask Your Questions In Below Comments