Place Adsense Between Posts | InfoTechBlogging InfoTechBlogging: Place Adsense Between Posts

Today This article will tell you how you can Place Adsense Between All your Blog Posts.

Placing Adsense between Blog posts is a great way to boost your Income.

You can place ads between anywhere in the Post easily without Adding Any Code.

You Just have to Add Some Code in Your Blog template and you are Done.

Just Follow the Below Steps to Add Adsense Anywhere Post with just one Click.

How To Add:

(1) – Go to Blogger

(2) – Log-In to your Dashboard

(3) – Go to Template Section

(4) – Click Edit Html

(5) – Find tag By Pressing Ctrl+F Key

(6) – Paste the Below Code Just Below tag.

Adsense Ad Code


Replace Adsense Ad Code with the Your Adsense Ad Code or Other Ad Code

(Note: You need to Encode Adsense Code Before Pasting in above Code. Encode your Ad By

Clicking Here)

(7) – Save your Template

In order to Show Ad Between Post you only have to Add Jump Break by Click Jump Break Button

anywhere between your Post as shown in the Figure

While Writing a Post, Click Jump Break Button (Highlighted in Above Fig.) and Adsense will be Placed

there. In this way you can easily place Adsense anywhere in your Post without any Coding.