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If you’re running an online business, you’re probably aiming to attract as many new clients as possible by using a bunch of methods that are already proven to be effective. However, chances are you’re competing in an already saturated market, meaning you’ll have to go out of your way to convert a visitor into a customer.

Conversion rate optimization is something you’ll have to face, preferably sooner than later. It’s a rather complex endeavor because it requires you to understand (and anticipate) what your visitors want and expect from you. Even though it seems like an impossible business venture, increasing the conversion rates is feasible as long as you follow a few simple rules.

Here are some of the most important rules you should account for when trying to increase conversion rates:

Videos and Images – Choose Quality over Quantity

The vast majority of new visitors form their judgment based on their first impressions. Therefore, the first thing you should improve and work on is the visual appeal of your website. However, rather than stuffing the entire page with images and videos, try placing them strategically, so that they though offer enough information about a particular subject but don’t come off as forced or invasive. If you don’t have the necessary coding skills, don’t worry, there are plenty of eCommerce templates that are beginner-friendly and easy to manage.

If you’re selling products, make sure to apply high-resolution pictures to help your clients visualize the items properly. In case you’re running a business that deals with portraits and professional photography, perfect portrait LUTs will come in handy as they are known to produce incredible results when it comes to enhancing conversion rates.

Provide Comprehensive and Quality Descriptions

No one wants to read a wall of text, especially when it comes to reading product descriptions. Many entrepreneurs favor lengthy rather than concise descriptions which, contrary to popular belief, lower conversion rates instead of raising them.

A well-written product description consists of the most important and valuable information about the product in question and doesn’t contain any fluff. The more information you can put in fewer words, the more chances you have to convert the visitor. Keep it relatively short and straightforward, and you’ll see an immediate improvement.

The Importance of CTA (Call-to-action)

A visitor should never have to look for the Add to cart and Checkout buttons. Those two buttons are the most critical aspect for the success of your business, and should thus be clearly visible and available at all times.

If your potential customer has to go through any trouble to find one of these buttons, you’re going to lose an incredible amount of potential earnings. Make these buttons prominent, conspicuous, and easy to find.

Dealing with Cart Abandonment

Abandoned carts are not a rarity in the eCommerce realm. Many people tend to put a bunch of various items in their cart and leave the website without checking out. While that’s not something you can single-handedly prevent, it can be mitigated with specific cart abandonment software.

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The important thing is to refrain from spamming your users with dozens of follow-up emails after they’ve already abandoned their cart. Simple email notification should suffice, and on top of that, it shows the amount of appreciation you have towards your customers. The sheer sign of gratefulness is an excellent boosting strategy in and of itself.

One other thing you should figure out is the reason why people decide to abandon their carts. It can be anything from forced registrations to high prices or perhaps a slow website. The sooner you pinpoint the reason, the better.

Offer Discount Coupons

Every successful business offers limited coupon codes to entice new clients; it’s the oldest trick in the book. It’s relatively easy to do, and it drives a lot of attention, especially when it comes to codes that are due to expire soon. Many people will hurry a purchase in order to claim the discount before it expires.

Free Shipping is Mandatory

In today’s market, free shipping should be your number-one priority. In fact, it shouldn’t even be up for debate. 99% of eCommerce businesses offer free shipping worldwide, so there’s no room to change the modern standards.

You can increase your product prices slightly to cover for shipping; there’s no reason to lose money. After all, it’s a psychological game rather than a monetary strategy.

Simple Forms Make for Happy Customers

As we’ve mentioned, simplicity is the key to success. Lengthy and obstructive forms, while good for data extraction, are pretty bad for enhancing conversion rates. If you put pressure on the visitor by asking them to fill a 2-page form before they are even eligible for purchase, expect them to leave.

Integration of Live Chat Support

Excellent customer support is the backbone of every successful business. There is a massive difference between being able to help your client immediately via live chat and having them write an email and wait for your response.

There are plenty of solutions to this predicament, ranging from simple chat-box integration to futuristic live chat ideas. The bottom line is – you need live chat support in order to build a reputation and prosper.

Make Your Customers Feel Safe

Many people are reluctant to leave their private information, credit card numbers, and other sensitive data, especially when it comes to doing it on a website they aren’t familiar with.

You should invest ample effort in showing trustworthiness to your clients, and it should be high on the list of your priorities. The first step you should take is to install an SSL certificate at checkout. It’s relatively easy to obtain, and it significantly boosts the legitimacy of your checkout process.

Furthermore, put small images of payment options such as PayPal, Payoneer, or credit cards to show that you use customer-confidence payment options.

Apply for a security badge such as GeoTrust or McAfee, and make sure to display them at the checkout page. Of course, don’t just add the images; make sure you’re offering legitimate protection.

The Conclusion

As you can tell, there are ample rules and roadblocks you’ll have to apply and overcome to increase the conversion rate of your eCommerce. While it may seem like an exhausting and never-ending endeavor, it’s crucial to bear through the storm, and positive results will eventually come.

You’re not always going to see an immediate improvement, so make sure not to get discouraged by suboptimal optimization results. Good yields will come, but it sometimes takes a bit of time.