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Written By Sonia J.

Google chrome has a few extensions that you can play with, so here are ten of the best ones you can pick for blogging that are not content management system specific.

The list is in no real order as most of the extensions do wildly different things–all of which are useful.

You may use Google images to steal images for your blog, or you may use the Google search features to find the correct licenses for your images and search through them. Never the less, you have to look through a bunch of Google image preview images to do so and they are all small and it is hard to judge which images are high quality and which are not. This extension allows you to scroll over the images and have them pop up at full size so you can see how good they really look.

This is a Twitter extension that has a great many features and is a great rival to any Twitter extension you may find. It makes posting, replying, and scheduling very quick and easy and you can add and remove timeline tabs. You can set automatic updates and make your tweeting a little faster and more interactive. You do not have to visit the Twitter website in order to use the Twitter service.

This is handy for when you are writing your blog post and are trying to rewrite something at the same time. The overlap between where you are writing and the web browser you are working from is often annoying and time consuming, but with this extension you can have both sat comfortably side by side. It allows you to work and even research more efficiently.

Turn your blogging into more of a brand and do it by adding your signature to your emails, especially if your emails are newsletters to your readers. It allows way to create a bunch of signatures so that you can apply them to certain situations, blogs or to different communication and social media platforms.

Keeping track of other blogs and articles within your blog topic or field is important if you too want to stay on the ball. That is why this extension that alerts you of certain feeds should be just right for you. It allows you the option of fast feeds when you are using Google reader. You can also click the icon to get your reading list shown as a pop up.

This is a sharing tool you can use to send out parts of your post to over 100 supported services. You can share web pages with other people, so the obvious thing to do is to share parts of your blog post with other people on different platforms throughout the Internet. It is easy to install and configure and will help you publicize your blog posts.

This is an extraction tool that you may use when you are researching. You may not want to open a shortened link for fear of a virus infecting your computer. That is why you should use this tool, which will extract the shortened version to give you the original link. 

This is a tool you can use to manage you feeds. Doing so may be an act of market research or you may simply use your feeds for inspiration for your own blog. Whatever the reason, this extension allows you to manage your feeds easily. You can see the number of unread feeds within your Google reader account and configure your icons to work as you see fit.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is used to make your blog more search engine friendly, and this tool is supposed to help you judge the status of your search engine optimization by looking at the two SEO ranking tools known as Alexa and Google PageRank. This will show the ranks of the pages you visit and it acts as an Alexa Toolbar too which means it will increase the rank value of the pages that you visit.

This is a very popular if not famous bookmaking service that is hard to leave off an article such as this. It allows you to share parts of a web page with over 200 services, with many of them being social medias profiles. Obviously, your best shot is to have your own content shared amongst your many Internet profiles, and that is a lot easier with this extension.

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