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Posted by Syed Muhammad Ali

Using Google Drive for uploading your blog’s css is a great way to increase blog speed. 

Google Drive is a big online storage service offered by Google. It helps you to store your data on heir servers which are always active and are of high speed. You can upload any file or any script on Google Drive. Google Drive also allows you to upload css/JavaScript  files. So using Google Drive for uploading your blog css files is a good Idea. Google Drives allow you free uploading space up to 15GB.

Today I am going to tell you how you can upload css/Javascript files to Google Drive and how you can use them in a widget.Google Drive is a best way to shorten long scripts. If you want to share a long Script Widget. You can upload its css to Google Drive and then link it to your Widget.

Just Follow the Below Widgets to Upload Css/JavaScript Files to Google Drive

  • Go to Blogger
  • Log-In to Your Dashboard
  • Go to Template Section 
  • Click Edit Html
  • Now Find By Pressing Ctrl+F Key
  • Copy the whole code between 

  • If want to Upload Some Widget Script to Google Drive, Then copy it’s css Part
  • Now open Notepad on your Desktop and Paste the Copied css Code in it
  • Save it by Pressing Ctrl+S and Name it as style.css

  • Log-In to Google Drive using your Gmail Account
  • After Log-In, Click Upload Button
  • Select Files And a Window will open
  • Select style.css and upload it
  • After Uploading, Click on the share button placed beside file

  • Now Navigate to File and right click on it and click Share button

  • You will see a sharing link, Copy the link. Your Link will look like this


Now Replace it with it


Make sure that you not have to replace your file code (OBOWJjhjgqit5odj5o0cnr8shr63)

You Should Replace it like this:




  • Now go to your Blogger template, Click Edit Html
  • Add the below Line Just Above tag.
  • Click Save and your Css will be loaded
  • Replace your-file-code with your file code

If you feel any Problem while Uploading, Please ask us in Below Comments

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