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Like other Student, have u wasted your time in Games,Facebook and other unusual activities?. I also wasted my time in playing games and other activities but when i got aware of blogging, I stopped wasting my time and started blogging and use my time to make money. Earning Money is not as difficult as we consider it. There are many online services which pay you money. You can easily make money if are a good writer or free from studies. Today I am going to share how you can make money online sitting in your living room.

Many Students search online to find the ways to earn money but they lead to some scam sites.

Below i am sharing some Best Methods for Student to Make Money at Home:
Freelancing is a great way to make money online. If you are good at something, then you should make an account on freelancer. You have to write articles for other and they will pay you. Whenever you write high quality article, you will get some big money. There are many other jobs in freelancer like Software developing, Photoshop jobs etc.
Ptc is also a good way to make money but you must have free time to earn money from ptc sites. There are many trusted ptc sites of which you can make huge money. They will give you link to websites and just have to open websites one by one and view it for 3-4 seconds and close it. One visit of website will give you 0.002-0.2$ and hence it is a good way for student to make money. You can join top high paying ptc sites eg Clixsense Neobux etc. But It will take you a lot of clicks to get 1$ so it’s not the effective way to make money
Blogging is the Best Way to make money. You just have to learn blogging from Google and then start your blog. You can easily learn blogging online. You can start your blog at any niche.Blogging will take your time if u are learning at home but it’s the best way to make money and you will get addicted to blogging after starting it.
Start Blogging Today! Ultimate Guide
I got aware of blogging when my friend start his blog and he got big hits on his blog. I also wanted to make a website like him. Then i started to search on Google and learn blogging and now i have a blog running great.
Making Money from blogging is the easiest way. You just have to get some pageviews on your blog and a publisher account. You have to place ads on your blog and make money at cpc cpm
Making money from adsense is a good way. If you have a good and you are getting excess pageviews, then you can place adsense ads on your blog and make $$$. Getting adsense to approve is difficult but you after getting it, you can make money from it by placing their ads on your blog.
Adsense Requirements
Show Adsense on Custom Domain
Making money from affiliate links is also a good way for student. You just have to make affiliate account on go daddy eBay or Amazon and sell their things by your referral link and in return, you will get 20% commission of that sale. They also provide a large variety of banners and you can easily place it on your blog.
YouTube is offered by Google and you must be aware of it. Making money from youtube is not a big deal. You just have to make account and start daily uploading of videos and you can apply for their Partnership program and after it gets approve. You can make a lot of money from your videos.

I Hope these Options will help you to to make money Online!

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