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Posted by Syed Muhammad Ali

If you want a good traffic to your blog and not getting required traffic so i would advise you to divide your blog catagories into 3 blogs or if your blog have blogger widgets you must have to make a demo blog for their demos and link this blog woth your 1st blog. It will give you a great advantage:

u can add social media in your all blogs and hence get more likes and can link your all blogs with your first blog and connect your adsense account with all blogs and hence make more money.also add popular posts of your 1st blog in others so that visitors might be attractive towards your first blog. Below are the benefits of setting up multiple blogs
1- Your blogs will will be shown on google search results and will gain more traffic.
2- You will get more likes on social media such as facebook, twitter
3- The main importanat thing is that you will make tripple money
My Opinion: i would advise you to set up multiple blogs in order to boost your tarffic

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