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Posted by Syed Muhammad Ali

When i started to blogging, i got many messages on guest post and offers from people. I

wanted to reply them sweet but couldn’t find any way to Make Beautiful Email. I saw

Madmimi on internet while searching on Google.

I started to learn it and used it for my blog. Using Madmimi on your Blog is a great way to

make visitors more impress. it’s a simple Email Marketing Service. They offers good tech

support and the option to create emails using templates or Html. 

You can boost your Blog Subscriber Using Madmimi!

Madmimmi has simple but Professional template which can help you to create an Email

Easily and Quickly.

Madmimmi has got a great success since it was born. Over 40 millions emails are sent,

shared and Tracked Every Day. It’s a delightful and Powerful Service.

Madmimi is an Email Marketing service that allows user to Create, Send and Track

Email Campaigns in a frest Novel way without using Templates. It was Founded in 2007 by

Gary Levitt and Developed by Tobie Langel.

It provides you email marketing service and you can make beautiful emails and send it to

users easily.

MadMimmi is Easy to Use. You just have to make an account there and you can then make

Email Newsletter there.

Follow the Below Instructions to Use Madmimmi

  • Click On Pricing Tag on top of the Page

I Suggest you not to Free Sign-Up Because there will be every customization locked in Free

Account and your Account will be deleted In 30 Days.

  • It’s time to Pick a Plan. Choose Plan and Click Sign Up below plan

If you are a Simple blogger User and gets less pageviews, then i recommend you the 


Plan which will only cost 10$/Month or you can choose Pro plan if you are getting more

Pageviews on your Blog.

  • After Clicking Sign Up, You’ll be Redirected you Registration page
  • Fill out the Form and Click ‘Sign Up’
  • After Clicking you’ll be directed to Payment Page. Enter your Credit Card Information

Madmimmi has a safest Payment System so don’t worry of being getting your Credit Card


  • Click Save Payment Information
  • Complete the Procedure and you are Done!

Start Exploring Madmimi and get amazed with its features!

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