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Facebook has announced a new layout for your Facebook News Feed, designed to reduce 

clutter and be more focused on the stories from the people and pages of the people you follow.

This is a good news to Facebook Users who are using the old look. Don’t wait to get Facebook

who are still using the old look. Don’t wait to get Facebook New Look.

Click the Below Link to Get Facebook New Look

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This may take a week to get u a new look.
Today I am writing this post to help the bloggers who have upgrade their blogs on custom domain

 and want adsense to show on custom domain(non hosted domain). If you have adsense already

 approved for hosted accounts. You can easily place ads on blogspot blogs but these ads would not 

be shown on custom domain. In this post, i will gonna show you how to show adsense ads on a 

custom domain.

Just Follow the Below Steps to Show Ads On Custom Domain

For showing adsense on custom domain, you need to apply for adsense from your adsense 

account. to do this

2- Log-In using your Email and Password

3- You’ll be directed to Home tab

4-Click Account Settings Button at Left Sidebar

5- Scroll down and you will see Access and Authorization Column, next to “Only host sites are

allowed to show ads for your account,” click edit

6-Enter your Domain Url in “Show Ads on Other Website”. Click Submit

7- Wait 2-3 days and you will get your Adsense Account Approved and you will be able to show ads 

on Custom Domain. If you get rejected,  Apply again 

Today I am going to share some interesting information which might help you to make huge

amount of money. You just have to refer people to register on some specific site or buying some

 product and you’ll get a huge commission. This is also a great method for bloggers who write

 promotions and reviews of the products.

Below I am sharing Top Sites which Gives you huge Commission

Payoneer is a Debit Card Service which is free of cost and give you your own debit card.

They also run affiliate program in which users have to refer people to register for Debit Card and

Whenever a person gets himself registered, you will get 20$ commission.

Selling things is also a great way to make money. You just have to Register at Amazon or EBay

 and Join their Affiliate Program. You can easily place their Banners on your blog and whenever

 someone buys something from your blog, you will get 25% Commission.

Making money buy selling domains and hosting is also a great way to make money. Internet is

 growing Daily and People are making websites and buy domains online. here is your chance to

make money. Join Godaddy or Namecheap Godaddy recommended) Affiliate program and get

their Promotion banners and you can place these banners on your blog sidebar or inside the post

or you can write a post on promotion on Domain.

This is also a great way to make money. You just have to Register and start referring people by

placing their Referral Banners and you could earn a lot of money by this method.

I hope these Programs have helped you to make money.
When you write a post, you might want to get comments on it. Today i am sharing some useful tips

 which would help you to get a lot of comments on your blog. Comments makes your more attractive

 and they help you to build a community as well as permanent visitors.

Below I am sharing Five tips to get more Comments on your Blog Post.

The first point i am going to share is that when u post an article. Write “Comments are Appreciated”

 or something like that in Comments to make a good impression on visitor and he would comment

 on your post.

When you write an article, you might have seen that some people ask you to write a post on some

 specific article or they demand some widget placed on your blog in comments. Well, this is a good

 way to get their trust. You have to Fulfill the people’s demands and they might love your blog.

This is a Most Important Tip to get more comments on a singls post. You must reply quick to visitor

 and hence you can start conversation with visitor in comments and hence your comments will boost

 up in this way.

Using Comment Luv System on your Blog is a great way to get huge comments because newbies

 always like to comments on comment luv blogs to get backlinks so you can get a lot of comments 

from this method.

This tips helps you to get some extra comments on your blog. Write Announcements about

 something exciting eg: wedding, blog ranking etc and visitor will write comments on your 

announcement post. 

I hope this Article has helped you to get more comments on your blog.

Improving Image seo can help you to boost your blog pageviews. You might have seen that many

 people search widgets or other things on google image searcch results beccause it is the easy

 way to find related blog. You may have used many images on your blog but are they optimized?

Optimized images can double your blog’s traffic and can improve your Search Engine Ranking on

 Google or other Search Engine. Today I am sharing some important points which you can apply

on your blog images and can increase your blog’s traffic.

Just Follow the Below tips and double your blog’s traffic Placing alt tags on your Blog images is a great way to get your image on Search Engine Image

Result. Whenever you write a post. Make sure that you place alt tags on your post images. Alt

tags are the hidden description of the images which help Search Engine to find your post through

image. Your image tag should be the post title or related to it.

Featured Post:
How To Place Alt Tags on Images
Using images is a great way to attract visitors towards  your post. Sometimes due to useless

 images, your visitor might get distract and leaves your post without reading it. Many bloggers post

images at top of post so they should place rich images because it is well said

                                  “First Impression Is The Last Impression”

So make your Post Attracting by Choosing Post image Wisely. You’ll get a good collections images

 blogs like flickr or you can search image on Google image search Results or manage to make

one by your own. Placing watermark on images is a great way to get traffic from other blogs. Sometimes visitor gets

 attracted by your blog post Images and he copies it and post your image on his blog. You can get a

 lot of advantage from this image by placing a watermark on your image.

Watermark is like an attribution you place on an image. You can edit image and place your blog url in

 some corner of the image so that if someone copies your image and post on his blog, his visitors

 may see your blog’s url in the image like an example below.

In above picture, u can see the watermark.

That’s All! I hope this would help you to get your blog ranked high. Best of luck for your career and

feel free to ask any question in below comments