Remove All Spam Links from your Blog | InfoTechBlogging InfoTechBlogging: Remove All Spam Links from your Blog

Today this article will tell you how you can Remove all Spam Links from your Blog. Bloggers use many

3rd party sites to get thousands of Spam Links which they thing as a Backlinks. These Backlinks take

your Page Rank down instead of increasing it. Many people are not aware of it and they take Spam

Links from other Fake Sites. Getting Good Quality Backlink helps to increase your Page Rank but a

Poor Quality Backlink may Destroy your Page Rank. It is good to have a single High Quality Backlinks

than having a thousands of Poor Quality or Fake Backlinks.

Well, there’s no need to worry if you want to remove all spam links from Your Blog Because Google

Disavow Tool is here to Help you.

Google Disavow Tool is another great tool offered by Google which Removes all the Spam Links from your Blog and Protect your Blog from Fake Links

(1) Go to Webmaster Tools

(2) Log-In to Webmaster Tools

(3) Select your Blog and You’ll be directed to Blog Page

(4) Click ‘Traffic’ Button at Vertical Menu

(5) Now click ‘Links to your Site’

(6) You’ll be directed to Links Page

(7) Click ‘More’ Button Placed below “Who Links the Most” Section

(8) Click ‘Download Latest Links’
9) A Pop-Up will Appear, Tick CSV and Click ‘OK’
(10) A file will be Downloaded on your Computer

(11) Open this file into Microsoft Excel

(12) Copy the whole Text and Paste it into Notepad
13) Now Remove the Bad Links and Save it on your Desktop

(1)   Go to Google’s Disavow Tool under Google Webmaster Tools.

(2)   Select your site on which you want to use this tool and click on ‘DISAVOW LINKS’.

(3)   A message Will be Displayed to you, Click ‘Disavow Link’ Button Placed Below Message

(4) You will be Asked to Upload Links file. Upload the File you have Previously Created In Above Steps

(5) Click ‘Submit’ Button. You will see a Confirmation Message

Congrats! You are Done. This May take upto a Month to See Results so Keep Calm.

I hope this Tutorial has helped you, Kindly ask your Problems in Below Comments