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Related Posts widgets are very important as they make the visitor to see your site more time. Related posts can be place anywhere on the blog but they are suited below posts because when the reader reads your post and scrolls to the end, he see the posts related to your blog and he gets attracted towards them. You can easily add it below posts. There are many sites which makes related posts widget for blogger.

  1. Enter your email in the Email field
  2. Enter you blog URL in The Blog Link field
  3. Choose your platform, choose other in platform if you have a blogger blog. do not choose Blogger
  4. Choose number of related posts you want to show in width field, i prefer to choose 5
  5. If your blog has a dark background then tick the box

  • On clicking, you will be redirected to the code page, Copy the code
  • Go to blogger dashboard
  • Go to Template
  • Click Edit Html
  • Search for  tag
  • Paste the copied code just below 
  • Save your Template and your are done

If you want related post widget to show only in post pages then Click Here

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