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Today I am writing this post to help the bloggers who have upgrade their blogs on custom domain

 and want adsense to show on custom domain(non hosted domain). If you have adsense already

 approved for hosted accounts. You can easily place ads on blogspot blogs but these ads would not 

be shown on custom domain. In this post, i will gonna show you how to show adsense ads on a 

custom domain.

Just Follow the Below Steps to Show Ads On Custom Domain

For showing adsense on custom domain, you need to apply for adsense from your adsense 

account. to do this

2- Log-In using your Email and Password

3- You’ll be directed to Home tab

4-Click Account Settings Button at Left Sidebar

5- Scroll down and you will see Access and Authorization Column, next to “Only host sites are

allowed to show ads for your account,” click edit

6-Enter your Domain Url in “Show Ads on Other Website”. Click Submit

7- Wait 2-3 days and you will get your Adsense Account Approved and you will be able to show ads 

on Custom Domain. If you get rejected,  Apply again 

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