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No, you don’t need a pro web designer to set up a blog for you. If you’ve been itching to start an online business and having a blog is a major part in it, then do it now.

Even if you’ve got zero technical skills (of course, you must know how to use the computer) getting your own blog is not a far-fetched idea with all the resources available for you.

Last time, you learned the importance of finding the right keywords. Today, you’re going to learn how to set up a blog in very easy steps so that by this time tomorrow, you’re one step closer to finally launching your online business.

So let’s get started.

Get a domain

Your choice for a domain name is very important. It’s the equivalent of having a house in Beverly Hills or upstate New York. When you tell people you live in these places, they’ll pay attention. Suddenly, you’re someone they like to befriend. It’s a good status symbol.

So make sure to pick the right blog URL (another term for domain name) to get people and search engines to notice you. Always pick .com over .info or .net because they’re not going to help you a lot. Don’t forget to use the keywords you’ve chosen. Your domain has to be as close to the keyword as possible.

Domain names cost a little money. Yes, you need to invest in them even though there are free URLS (like or because they command more authority. Plus, you’ve got more freedom over your website if you own the domain.

How much do they cost? Namecheap and GoDaddy has domain names that are under $10 per year. See, they’re not expensive.

See more tips on how to pick the best domain names in this post.

Find a web host

When you have your own domain, it follows that you have your own web host. What is it?

A web host (or server) is a place that stores your blog’s pages and makes them accessible to the public. Think of it as a suburb (or a city) where your house (blog) is built. For people to find you, they need to go to take the roads that lead to your area and then find your block.

Web hosting allows people to find your blog when they surf the web. Without a host, no one will ever find your website.

Free web hosting is an option for those who don’t want to spend money. You can have platforms like WordPress and Blogger host it but that would mean they have control over your blog. It’s like renting a house. You won’t have the liberty to do anything you want to the property because you have to answer to the real owner of the house.

It’s highly recommended that you pay for hosting. There are many hosting providers that charge as little as $9 a month.

Choose the right platform suited for your needs

There are currently two popular blogging platforms: WordPress and Blogger.

I prefer WordPress because of its interface and ease of use. Those who don’t know how to set up a blog will love it. It takes you by the hand and makes the process very easy.

Another thing I love about WordPress is the wide array of plugins that make blogs look and function really well.

But don’t just take my word for it. Go check out both and see for yourself.

Install theme and plugins

Looks matter a lot especially these days when there are so many other blogs to compete with. To get attention, have killer looks. In this case, make sure that your blog is downright awesome. WordPress has a huge selection of free and premium themes and you’ll certainly find it hard to pick one because they all look great.

Once your blog has a cool look, focus on its functionality. Install plugins that will offer both smooth user experience and easy management.

Plugins like SEOpressor, SEO by Yoast, and Google Analyticator are just some of the tools that’ll help you manage your blog easily.

Create content for your blog

Now that your blog looks good and has all the armory it needs, it’s time to create the content.

Despite what other people say, content is still king. Google pays more attention to quality, which is largely influenced by unique and quality content.

You’ll find a lot of tutorials and how-to articles that will help you create awesome content for your blog. I suggest you read a lot of them but make sure to not let it keep you from actual writing. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and just want to keep on reading and put off writing.

Write a lot. Produce lots of articles. Your blog can never have enough.

If writing is not your strongest skill, outsource your articles.

Now that you know how to set up a blog…

It’s time to start working. Open a new tab on your laptop and start with purchasing your blog’s domain name. Then proceed with the next steps.

Next time, I’ll share with you some tips on creating content for your blog and how to use articles to get more traffic.

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