Tips for Black Friday Shopping | InfoTechBlogging

Black Friday is still the C.  And while some say Black Friday is dead, I disagree. It’s not dead, just evolved. So check out these tips to help you save time and money though the whole Black Friday process.

1- Start Now: Amazon lightning deals have started and many retailers offering Black Friday prices early.  Also be sure to check the Black Friday start times for online and instore promotions. 

2- Be Prepared: Make a list and check it twice.  On Mission to Save I have Black Friday ad scans for most stores, see what’s on your list and double check to see if it really is a great sale price.  Also keep in mind special promotions.  For instance, most stores might have a game system bundle for $249.99.  But Kohl’s offers $75 Kohl’s Cash for the purchase.  These extra savings might determine which retailer you should buy from.

3-Use Gift Cards: Buy gift cards at Giant Eagle or Kroger to use when shopping Black Friday.  That way you earn fuel points too.  Also check out Bonus Gift Card offers for this time of year. You can also earn gift cards all year long with Ibotta and use it as a built in holiday savings account.  Cash in for gift cards to use on holiday shopping. 

4- Shop Online: Skip the stores altogether and just shop online.  Almost all the retailers offer the same sale prices online as in the store (except for some of those “door buster” deals). In fact, many stores online Black Friday actually starts before Thursday/Friday in store sales. Check out my specific tips for online shopping savings. 

5- Have Fun and Stay Fueled: Some families make Black Friday shopping a tradition so stay patient with the other shoppers and be sure to stay hydrated and fueled up.  Some fast food and fast casual restaurants might even offer socials for BF shoppers. 

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