SEO factors that will surely affect your Search Engine Rankings

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is mainly a Google thing because they control the industry at the moment. Optimizing your pages is done so that you may rank higher on the search engine results pages. Ranking higher improves your chances of being seen by more people who use the search engines.
Here are a few search engine ranking tips.

Use a keyword in your URL

This is your URL, which is a page attached to your home page by some form of link. It is not the home page (also known as the domain). The domain name of your website needs no keyword, but your page URLs do. Relate the URL to the title of the page. Try to make your URL descriptive and with a keyword in it.

Make sure your website is highly accessible

This means make sure it can be seen by all types of browser. If you want to make your website responsive them that will work well for you too because the world will probably demand that you go responsive soon anyway so you may as well get in there whilst you can.

Add keywords to your anchor text

Give the search engines an indication of what is on your pages by adding in a keyword or two.  Make sure the anchor text is descriptive too so that the human readers can understand it as easily as the search engines.

Add in unique content 

Google are not very easy going when it comes to duplicate content. You can add it to your website from another website but you have to follow the rules that Google has for quoting and referencing. You may put a little duplicate content on your own site (duplicated on your own site for your own site) but it is not going to do your SEO any favors. Add in unique content and you will receive no penalization.

It used to be that Google liked new information to index, and though we cannot be sure if that is so true these days, we do know that Google likes to think that pages are updated and are maintained. 

Put a keyword or two in your title

The title of your page should be within your page title tag. Doing this will help the search engines to see what your web page is all about because one assumes that the title is fairly descriptive and honest about the page it represents. You should put a keyword or two in your title.

More content may be better

It is true that websites with a lot of pages seem to have a higher position on the Google search engine results, so it may be worth considering the fact that lots of content may actually work to make your website rank higher.

Keep your site live

This means have a reasonably good up-time. The hosting company you contact and buy from should be able to tell you their up time. It needs to be above 98% or it is going to damage the SEO of your website. Just one theme on content management system theme is preferred

This is another untested but seems to be true fact. There are no content management system made websites on the first page of Google that have used numerous themes on one website.