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Steve Jobs talked to his Apple technicians about a vision he had and after much trial and error, t. As they say the rest is history, but there is a downside to these technological wonders. You almost have no choice except to upgrade as each new version is unveiled because the older ones begin having glitches. I was told some time back of an interesting catch to iPhones and now I have experienced it for myself. It seems that as the time for a contract to run out draws nigh, these devices start to have issues in various ways. You might have trouble uploading or downloading or obtaining emails. You have to upgrade each time in order to maintain proper service and keep up with technological changes. I’m not sure if there is any truth to this or if it is a hoax, but I ran across a notice on Facebook indicating there was a lawsuit against Apple for this issue. There is something else that is going on with Iphones which is quite annoying.

My husband upgraded his iPhone in July of 2019 and strange phenomena began to occur. On at least three different occasions, his iPhone would fall from the table or desk with no one near it. The phone would slide as if being pushed, right into the floor. He began leaving it in a drawer or attached to the charger and had no more problems. I upgraded my iPhone last December and began having the same problem for no apparent reason. The phone would slide across the table or top of the bookshelf into the floor.

I did some checking online and found a forum where a few other people were dealing with the same issue. One person said it must be a Poltergeist but no one gave any concrete reasons for why this is happening. I found out that an iPhone 8 is not made of aluminum as were its predecessors, but is totally glass. I am assuming this is why they slide and fall because there is no other explanation.

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A case solves the problem

When people don’t know the root of an issue, they assume things that often are very far from the truth. I am glad I found the Internet discussion that let me know I was not alone. My next step would have been to visit the local Verizon store or call customer service since this is where we have our phone contract. I can only assume that more people have not reported this issue, because they use cases for their iPhones, and have never experienced the issue firsthand.

I talked to my oldest son who has the same iPhone and he has his enclosed in a case and has never had it to slide and fall. I never had this trouble with iPhones 5,6, and 7 so I never considered the need for protective gear. I have decided to get cases for my spouse and myself and I am thankful our phones did not break. To see the iPhone moving by itself is fascinating because it’s not normal. I understand why some would think their house was haunted or there was a Poltergeist. The phone moves so fast that it seems impossible that some sinister force is not behind it, but thankfully there is not. It’s only a glitch.

Use protective gear so your iPhone won’t crack.

Most people love a good mystery

It would have been more exciting if I could have found evidence of a curse, witchcraft or supernatural activity with the iPhone 8. That would have made for more interesting reading. A good mystery to be solved is always in order and most people enjoy trying to figure out the unknown. The reality, of most situations, however, is often more practical and less thrilling. At least through my situation, I have been able to let other iPhone users know what’s going on. The iPhone 8, is the 11th installment of this smartphone from Apple Inc. Pleased be advised that iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X also are surrounded with glass. If you own either of these devices you might consider that a case is not the only accessory that will prevent your smartphone from breaking. There is additional protective gear that you may want to check out and consider purchasing.

Following are five facts about iPhones you may not be aware of.

1. There are 101 million users in the United States which has a population of 308 million. This indicates that one-third of America owns this brand of smartphone.

2. 94% of smartphone profits go to Apple.

3. Apple has sold over 700 million iPhones

4.1/3 of high school students on iPhones

5. Apple sells over 200 million of these devises anualy.

No mass pandemonium

I had actually thought this hub would gain lots of reads and that it would be confirmation to millions whose Iphones had this glitch. Although I know it is happening to others, there are not a lot of hits so I guess most Ipohne users are taking this in stride. I have learned not to place my phone on surfaces where it can slide or fall. Now if only I can keep it from seemingly leaping out of my hand for no apparent reason, LOL.