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Instagram is actually one of the most used social networks of the last years. It works by allowing their people to share pictures publicly on a profile. Over the years, Instagram also added the ability to share videos (so by setting an alternative to platforms like YouTube) and, recently with Reels, even short clips with music, by entering in direct competition with TikTok.

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The growth of Instagram as a everyday app

Instagram has particularly known a growth in the meaning that it has not only achieved one of the first positions among the top rated social networks (by being especially favored by new generations compared to other historic social media platforms), but also it is a everyday app people use, in general, to post their photos and share real time moments of their life, sometimes by relying on it also for keeping an archive of their memories.

Considering also the fact Instagram allows their user to stay in touch with others, by sending private messages and creating private chatting groups, Instagram is an everyday app that can be used for several purposes. It is clear that it may be uncomfortable for people who rely heavily on this app to find one day their account has been disabled because of an alleged violation of terms of services or, maybe, of a report made by someone.

But how many reports to delete an Instagram account and how much should you worry about that jealous enemy you have who is reporting all your photos in order to get you kicked out of Instagram?

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Toxic situations that may happen on Instagram

It is clear that Instagram, as it is a platform where we constantly look at photos taken by other people, can lead into the behavior of keeping confronting ourselves with others.

Some people may feel the need of comparing their life and their physical appearance with what they see when scrolling Instagram feed, ignoring that many people, at the opposite, tend to show an obsessive perfection on Instagram, that is not necessarily a mirror of how their true life is.

With this in mind, many people tend to be jealous of others on Instagram, plus, also personal issues may lead some kind of vindictive people to take actions against others also when it comes to their profile Instagram. One of the most common actions taken by jealous people against others is to report their photos several times until Instagram takes down the account. But should you really worry about this behavior and, if yes, how many reports you may get until Instagram deletes your account?

Why you shouldn’t worry about people reporting your photos

The truth is that people who go on a reporting spree against others are literally wasting their time and so you shouldn’t worry about how many reports it take until Instagram deletes your account, simply because it may be one or one million reports, but neither your photos or your account are going to be affected if you have never violated any Instagram policy.

It may be plausible that, internally, Instagram may also adopt some rules that automatically discard reports against a photo until previous ones have been already evaluated, so that their moderators don’t get flooded by several reports against the same content they have already evaluated.

In any case, unless you are really violating Instagram community rules, no actions taken against you by jealous people like flood reports can have consequences. Plus, in any case, as Instagram moderators are human and there is still the risk of an error, you have always the ability to make appeal against Instagram account deletion, in the remote eventuality you are going to face it even without having violated any rule.

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Delete an Instagram AccountHow Many Reports to Delete an Instagram Account