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You can find information on the latest trends and niche markets by visiting a variety of websites. These websites will help you find profitable niche markets and the right niche to market your affiliate marketing.

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Amazon is our first recommendation. Amazon is the largest online retailer worldwide and sells tons of products each day. The good news is that Amazon associates can promote products on Amazon and earn a commission.

If you are looking for the best niche to affiliate market.

For example, the Arts and Craft category has 13 submissions that include knitting and crocheting, crafting fabric, and knitting. You are more likely to find sub-niches that will give you more ideas in the main category Click here to know more about niche:  What is Niche Marketing. is the largest marketplace for digital products. In the next step, we will discuss digital products vs. physical products.

ClickBank and the marketplace will show you the product categories. You will find several categories on your home page. The affiliate marketplace link is located at the top of this page. Each of the main categories includes subcategories and niches. In this list, you’ll find many ideas.

You should look for active forums:

Forums are a forum that is community-based and focuses on a particular niche. By visiting the right forums, you can find out what people are discussing and what their problems are. You can also find niche market ideas here.

To make your life easier, we recommend you visit Find A Forum. The home page has a section that focuses on the top 10 categories. This will provide you with a lot more ideas. You can also use the niche link to get great ideas.


You can find out what’s hot on the Internet in many different ways. These websites can give you ideas:

  • Twitter: Log in to your Twitter Account and open the Notifications tab. You can also check out the top topics.
  • Google: To see the latest trends in Google’s search engine, go to

You can view what’s hot on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Many people still subscribe monthly to magazines, despite the rise of the Internet. Take a look at to see what’s on offer. The best-selling links are at the top of each page. This is a great way to find out which magazines are being subscribed to the most. It also gives you some great ideas.

This is our secret weapon. Flip a Dot Com is the largest marketplace to buy and sell websites. You can easily find out which niches sell for the highest prices, and what niches get the most attention.

This platform has seen niche websites sell for huge amounts of money. A blog post by the company was recently published. It provides valuable insight into how niche websites sell. Here’s the link to the Post Website Niches With the Best Chance of Selling.

This blog post will show you:

  • The highest selling niches
  • Buyers of Niches are most interested in
  • The most expensive niches are those that fetch the highest prices
  • High demand for Niches and low supply
  • The majority of people watch monetization methods.

You might want to spend a few moments reading this post. It will give you some great niche ideas.’s homepage allows you to click on websites, then choose only from the dropdown menu. You will find examples of websites that were recently sold and the income they generated. By now, you should have quite a large list of niche markets to choose from.

Testing your niche ideas:

Now you have a list of niche market ideas. Next, test these ideas to determine if they will be profitable. These are the two most important aspects of this process.

Demand: It is vital to have enough demand. It is not a good idea to target a small niche. You won’t make any money if you don’t get a lot of targeted visitors to your website.

Targeted visitors are essential. These are people who have an interest or potential to be interested in your niche. This is cost-effective, and it will increase your chances to convert. Do not be tempted by the temptation to buy broad traffic that isn’t relevant to your niche. Although there are many vendors that sell traffic from certain countries, this is a waste of time and money.

Commercial Intent is another important aspect. You should not focus on a niche that is too large and no one spends money in it. No matter how passionate you are about the niche, it doesn’t really matter. You are wasting your time if there isn’t money to make. This is where you need to remove emotion from your decision. You might not be an expert in the best niche. It is important to consider if this niche would interest you enough to become passionate about. It could even make you money.

Niche size:

It is easy to check if your niche area is sufficient. Simply use the Google Keyword Planner tool. A Google AdWords Account is required to access the planner. This does not mean that you need to spend any money on Google advertisements. It is possible to do so, but not essential at this stage. A good seed keyword is essential for your niche ideas.

Let’s look at an example. Here are the niche ideas you have for the “paleo” diet. We will now use the Paleo diet as our seed keyword. This should be entered in the google keyword plan. One of the best things about the Google Keyword Planner is that it will give you suggestions for related keywords, as well as show you estimated search volumes at the time we wrote these:

This indicates that this niche has a lot of search volume. This niche market is worth exploring further. To quickly check your niche ideas, you can use the google keyword manager.

What is the ideal size niche?

Although there is no set rule, we recommend that the see keyword receives at least ten thousand searches per month to make it viable.

The paleo diet is a far more popular option than this, with between one hundred thousand and one million people eating it every month. These are estimated searches for the USA. This can be changed to make it global, where the numbers will usually be higher. To get the best search volume, you can only market to one country. It is best to choose niche markets with global appeal.

Paleo is a popular diet that fits this bill. You don’t have to limit your options. You can also use other keyword tools for this purpose. The google keyword planner is the best. It’s easy to use, and it’s free.

Commercial Intent

Okay, now you’ve run all your niche ideas through Google Keyword Planner and removed those that were too small for the country. Next, you need to verify that your niche ideas are commercially relevant.

We want to distinguish between digital and physical products at this point. Amazon allows you to become an affiliate and help promote physical products. Digital products are more popular than physical products. Affiliate commissions are typically much lower than the ones you can make.

Amazon will pay a 4% commission to new affiliates for physical products. This commission can be as little as a penny or as much as a few hundred dollars, depending on the product’s price. If you are looking to make a lot of money, it is a smart idea to target Amazon’s high-ticket items. Flat-screen TV ads, which sell for as high as one thousand dollars, are a good example.

Digital products include software and guided videos. These products are available for customers to instantly download and/or have access to after they make their purchase. It is often more difficult to sell digital products. Commissions can range from 30% to 100%. You can usually expect a 50 percent commission for digital products that make money online.

Some low-price products offer 100% commission. Digital products are usually placed in a funnel, which we will discuss in greater detail later.

The best niche markets have both digital and physical product options. You have many products to choose from, so you can make a commission. Some niches will have only physical products while others may only offer digital products. As long as the people who are buying your products fall within your niche, this is okay.

Amazon can help you find a profitable niche.

Amazon can be used to determine if there is commercial interest in your niche ideas. Simply go to, then enter your seed keyword.

Let’s keep going with the Paleo example.

Paleo is a diet that focuses on food choices and physical products. There won’t be many products. We did discover a number of books, some with high reviews. A review is as important as the reviews left by people who have purchased the product. A single Amazon review is considered to be a minimum of 10 reviews and a maximum of 1,000. A small percentage of reviewers will leave reviews.

If there are hundreds, or even thousands of reviews, this could indicate that the seller has commercial intent. Look out for reviews on niche products and ideas.

To suggest commercial intent, you should aim for at least 100 reviews. You can also check reviews for related products.

ClickBank can help you find a profitable niche.

Among digital product marketplaces, ClickBank is one of the most popular. Go to and enter your seed keyword into the affiliate marketplace section.

First, you need to look at the Paleo products. At the time of writing, there were more than 40 products available. This is a sign of commercial intent. To refine your search, you can change the results to show only the products with the highest gravity. This indicates the number of products sold by affiliates over the past week. Click bank and the top paleo diet product have gravity over sixty-five, while others have gravity around 50. This shows that sales are occurring in this niche.

Search for a profitable niche in Google Search

A Google search for a niche can also be used to determine if it has commercial intent. We used Google to search for paleo diets and found many ads. This can be checked using the google keyword planner. You will see the column called competition when you receive your results. This is the competition for ads. You will see examples of high or medium competition. This is a sign that ads are being used. Google ads are expensive. You can pay as little as one dollar per click for the most popular keyword terms. Advertisers wouldn’t spend this much money if their niche didn’t have any commercial intent.

You can also find a profitable niche using other commercial intent methods:

You can discover which products are doing well by joining affiliate networks. Share a sale and commission junction are two of the most popular networks. These networks offer analytics that will show you which network earnings and the highest EPC (Earnings per Click) values. These networks don’t necessarily have to be used to validate your niche ideas’ commercial intent. These networks are only useful for further validating an idea. To use the Commission Junction analytics, you will need to be a member. This will not be possible if your niche website isn’t yet set up.

Promoting CPA (Cost Per Action) offers is another way to monetize your niche website. These offers usually pay small commissions for visitors who provide specific information, such as an email address. This is far easier than selling a product. You can find all the offers available on if you’re interested in CPA. Simply enter your seed keyword in the search box to see all the relevant CPA offers.

To check Facebook or other social media platforms for groups that cater to your niche, you can log in to Facebook. Log in to Facebook and perform a search with your seed keyword. We found lots of Facebook groups with many members when we searched for the paleo diet. This is also applicable to other platforms like Reddit and Pinterest.

Look for forums that focus on niche topics. If you find many forums, and they are active, this is a good sign. This is a sign that there is interest in the niche. To find out if there are any passionate posts or specific problems that you could solve commercially, dig deeper.

It’s time to make a decision:

You should still have a few niche ideas in your mind at this point. These ideas have been verified by performing the above-mentioned tests.

So how do you choose a niche idea to get started?

We recommend that you start by going through each of the smaller ones and writing down your feelings about them.

  • Do you feel passionate or already interested in any of these?
  • Would you be able to develop an interest in any one of them?

Let’s suppose you have two or three ideas. You could test each one in a small manner. You will need to set up a small website dedicated to each niche. It will be necessary to create content.

Register for Google AdWords to run ads in each niche for a minimum of 100 clicks. You can then analyze the results and see if any commissions were earned or if any sign-ups to any email lists were made.


Now that you have decided on the niche, you can start to set up your first website. Now it is time to create your first niche website. We will show you how in the next step.

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