My Top 10 Worst Money Making Ideas | InfoTechBlogging

As you may already know, I have started a lot of companies and most of them have failed. But what you may not know is that I had a ton of other cool ideas. 

So here goes:

1. Mesothelioma Girl 15

Do you remember Lonely Girl 15? She technically wasn’t 15, but she was a big hit on YouTube. Once I saw that, I wanted to film a hot chick that acted like she had mesothelioma (a form of cancer).

I know that’s a sad thing to joke about, which is why I never executed on the idea, but if you can get enough buzz and rank for the term “mesothelioma” on Google, you can potentially make millions.

2. Fast Food and Beer

America is a big fan of fast food. No matter how much crap you may talk about fast food, you still eat it.

The other thing you are a big fan of is beer. So why not combine the two?

The problem with this idea is that it is probably illegal to serve alcohol in the drive through. Cops kind of don’t like open alcohol containers in cars.

3. Rent My Site

Who doesn’t want a website? These days’ people are popping up websites about almost anything.

So why not create thousands of websites in different business niches, optimize them for maximum traffic exposure, and rent them out to people or companies who are in that space?

At one point in time I tried out this concept, but it didn’t go so well because people wanted to own the website. Why would you want to spend all your time building up a business you are renting?

4. Siteblimp

My business partner and I probably spent $60,000 on Siteblimp and it never ended up working out. The site is still up and I think the software may even work, but we never launched the company.

Siteblimp was supposed to be a free pay-per-click management software that helps you manage your advertising campaigns. The way we were going to make money off of it was by up selling users into a monthly subscription service.

The problem with Siteblimp is that the concept isn’t unique. It is just another me too company that didn’t do anything unique.

5. Fruitcast

Unlike Siteblimp my business partner and I did something unique with Fruitcast. We ended up creating the first podcast advertising network, similar to Overture.

This all happened a few years ago when podcasts were the new hot thing. We thought it was so hot that when the Yahoo Advertising department scheduled a meeting with us, we thought we were going to get acquired.

Time went on and we put either $50,000 to $100,000 into the company. We didn’t make any money because we placed advertisements in front of the podcasts, which isn’t too effective. People were ignoring or skipping the advertisements. You actually have to put advertisements within a podcast for an advertisement to be effective, but that’s hard to do unless the podcaster does it themselves.

6. MyStatCounter

Do you use StatCounter? It is such as popular service that I noticed that tons of people were going to to log in and use the service.

The concept behind was to squat on all the users that were trying to go to For a while it worked out and we got a surge of signups, but the users weren’t sticky.

7. 5 Dolla Holla

Do you remember William Hung? He was on American Idol and sang the song “She Bangs”. If you haven’t seen the video, you can watch it here.

The concept behind 5 Dolla Holla was to charge people 5 dollars to have William Hung prank call you or one of your friends.

The only issue with this business idea is that I didn’t know William. Plus after his 5 minutes of fame was over, no one would be willing to pay 5 dollars for a William Hung prank call.


In high school, I was known as the kid that sold all things pirated. I was so well known for it that I even sold pirated goods to some high school students’ parents.

So to expand my business I thought that it would be smart to sell pirated goods on the Internet. There was only 1 problem… it wasn’t legal.

I thought I could do it as long as I was under 18, but I wasn’t willing to risk jail time. Plus, I couldn’t afford a real domain name. I am not sure how many people would be comfortable in buying goods from a domain name that ended in “tk”.

9. The Homeless Kids Franchise

You have seen homeless people beg for money, but have you seen a homeless kid beg for money? You probably would turn down a homeless person, but would you turn down a homeless kid?

The concept behind The Homeless Kids Franchise is to create a franchise that taught kids how to act homeless and get free hand outs. And as the founder of the franchise, I would take a cut of each of the Homeless Kid Franchises around the US.

Other than this being illegal, I think the kids would end up being taken away by child services and placed in foster homes. Plus it would be really hard to collect the franchise fees.

10. 1-800-Strippers

Similar to 1-800-Flowers, you could call 1-800-Strippers and we would send a stripper to your friend’s door. What better way is there to cheer up a friend than to send him a strip-o-gram?

I never really looked into this business idea, but my guess is that there are a lot of issues that will come up; such as people not being home when the strippers arrive.


I know most of these ideas sound foolish, but I was a kid/new entrepreneur when I came up with most of these business ideas. The point I am trying to make is that you to will come up with a lot of dumb business ideas, which means that you will fail a lot. Just don’t get discouraged because sooner or later you’ll learn to come up with good business ideas.

And if that doesn’t encourage you, just look at Mark Cuban. At one point he had a business idea that revolved around selling powdered milk. In his eyes, it tasted as good as the real thing and you wouldn’t have to worry about expiration dates. But as you know, that isn’t how he made his billions. 

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