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How to make money online by trading bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is the question of many investors and crypto enthusiasts. The current coinmarketcap is not pointing to a bull run anytime soon with the delay of US EFT SEC to 5 Nov 2018.

That said, investors are still stuck on waiting for EFT and not focusing on the coinmarkets. But smart traders know how to make money online, by trading volatility.

New traders are wondering if you can still make money online by trading bitcoin. The answer is still the same as it was yesterday, a month ago, or 7 years ago. YES! Investors and crypto enthusiasts always find a way on how to make money online.

Tips and tricks on how to make money online

If you’re not educated regarding bitcoin and cryptocurrencies for sure you want to know how to make money online by trading bitcoin. While navigating the coinmarket we are noticing a couple of coins that are gaining on a daily basis.

Gains from 5% to 16% depending on the coins, point to possible returns (winnings). Similarly, coins are losing from 7% to 20%. Therefore, it is another opportunity for making money.

The question still remains unanswered, “how to make money online if I don’t know what coins are gaining or losing value?”. Surprisingly nobody knows 100%. Some smart investors or cryptocurrencies traders perform their own analysis. Either fundamental or technical. Based on analysis the answer to “how to make money online” for them was trading on volatility.

Volatility good or bad for average trader

Some traders are considering volatility the flow that moves the markets. Depending on every trader orientation, this can be divided into multiple strategies. But one misconception is that many trades of cryptocurrencies consider it to be an “INTANGIBLE” asset. If that is true, you can’t take advantage of volatility.

What it really means, is that you buy a coin and you hold it. So the increase of its value will make traders happy and its decrease will make them sad. Who is not sad when one is losing money or makes a bad investment?

Understanding different trading perspectives and considering crypto as CFDs can actually help you make money trading online.

Crypto as CFD how it works and how to make money online

There are many forms of trading, but the most popular one is CFD trading. Depending on the broker, you will have 1-on-1 mentoring from account managers teaching you how to make money online.

This time, brokers are the one providing liquidity, not exchanges. CFD trading means “contract for difference” where you don’t hold the asset but trade on its value.

Demonstrating on how to make money is only simple once you are familiar with the trading platform. Well, it’s not that easy but once mastered, most probably the answer on how to make money online will be clear.

The answer is more than simple, when trading on volatility you can make money both ways. On the short and on the long, you need to read the market and most importantly, have PATIENCE. Do not close a trade just because it is on a loss, be clever, wait, DO NOT panic.

Sell if the coin value is depreciating and buy when the coin value is appreciating.  Much like forex it might sound easy, but is not. It takes time to understand technical and fundamental analysis, however this is how to make money online trading cryptocurrencies.

Finally, answering the question on how to make money online by trading cryptocurrencies as CFD.

Like always I wish you all Success and Happy Trading!

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