How to Increase Instagram Reels Views and Likes for FREE

How to Increase Instagram Reels Views and Likes: Everyone wants to get millions of views on their Instagram Reels, but most do not get even 1000+ views on Insta Reels. Behind this, most of the Instagram users make some mistakes in their reels videos, due to which their reels are not able to go viral.

In today’s article, we will give you all the information about how to Increase Instagram Reels Views and Likes for Free.

After reading this article, you will start posting Instagram reels videos by following the tricks we have told. Then soon, you can see a million views on your Video too. Instagram, which has become one of the most popular platforms in today’s time, has become more known for its short video films.

If you are tired of making rails and views are not coming on your fences, you do not need to panic. You continue to make your Instagram relations. Just keep implementing the steps we are telling you together. This will give you a lot of benefits in the coming time. So friends, How to Increase Instagram Reels Views and Likes now know about it in detail.

What is Instagram Reels?

First of all, it is most important to discuss Instagram relations. Friends, after the arrival of Tiktok in India, all the big social media platforms also understood the trend of short videos. They brought the option of short videos in their forum.

Instagram Reels also Instagram has its section of short videos. Within which we can record and upload videos for up to 60 seconds. Just as YouTube has a YouTube fast, Instagram has its section of short videos, Instagram Relations.

Why am I not getting views on my Instagram reels?

If you are also making reels on Instagram for a long time, the views on those reels are coming significantly less or less. So you must know that due to which mistakes the pictures are not coming, then we will try to understand why our views are coming less before knowing this on Instagram reels par views.

1). Deteriorating Content and Video Quality

Most people don’t even get 100 views on Instagram posts. The biggest reason for this is the poor quality of the content. If your content does not provide any value to any user, why would anyone want to see it?

The content in your Video is good, but its video quality is terrible, its editing is not good, even then, your Instagram reels do not get views. Therefore, it is essential to focus on the quality of the Video and the quality of the content.

2). Instagram Reels on Video Being Boring

Most new people cannot keep people connected with their videos on Instagram for a long time. The reason for this is also the boring of your Video. If you do not do anything attractive in your Video, then the views on your Video will be less.

3). Instagram Reel Video will be Private

Most people keep their Instagram videos or their accounts private. If you expect good views even after saving your account privately, then it may not happen at all because the private Video will be seen only by the followers you have.

So if you want to get more and more views on your Instagram Rails video, you have to make your account public. With this, Instagram will show your Video to as many people as possible.

4). The location is Not Good

One of the reasons for not getting views on your Instagram posts is that your Video’s background location is not good. You can take a good location background while making a video. Most people stay on Instagram for a long time after seeing the area of any video.

Most people have a habit that initially does not share on Instagram after making them. If you share your Instagram videos on other social media platforms, your relays get rich views.

If you also did not share your Instagram Rails until now, definitely do share. Comments come on many Instagram users on InstaReils, so they give no reply. If you have any comments on your Video, try to reply.

So friends, in today’s article on how to increase views on Instagram reels, we have discussed how the pictures on our Instagram reels are reduced. Now we know some tricks of increase Instagram Reels Views.


How to Increase Instagram Reels Views and Likes

Increase Instagram Reels Views and Likes There are many factors and tricks for this, using which we can increase the views of our Instagram reels. So we know about the methods of all these Increase Instagram Reels Views and Likes in detail one by one.

  • Could you select a Category and put Reels on it?
  • Create High-Quality Video
  • Continue putting Instagram reels.
  • Use Description and Hashtags in the Video.
  • Collaborate with other Content Creators.
  • Giveaway From Time to Time.
  • Add Video on a Trending Topic.
  • By running an ad on Instagram Reels.
  • Reply to the Comment Coming on Reels.
  • Would you please comment on the Big Creator’s Video?
  • Follow Big Creators.

How To Gain More Views and Likes of Instagram Reels

Friends, you will get to see many such apps on the internet, using which you can increase the views on your Instagram relations. Using these apps, you can get good ideas for your reels.

We will soon tell you about those apps to increase views on Instagram Reels with a list so that you can use those apps.

1). Select a Category and Put Reels on It

Most people have a habit of posting different Instagram posts on their Instagram account every day. If you also do this, you will not get many views on your roles. Even if they come, they will go only on one Instagram reel.

For this, you have to select any one category. You create your Instagram reels only on tech if you have more technical knowledge. If you like entertainment, make your Video in this category.

This will create an audience category for your Instagram posts. If you put different types of videos, your audience will not stay connected with you.

If you go to Instagram Reels and see, you will know that the prominent creators on Instagram have their category. Instagram posts of the same type are put by those creators. Therefore, you should also select a category and work on it to get good views on your Instagram posts.

You can see a profile below, on this profile, all Instagram reels are related to tech only, and they can see millions of views on Instagram reels. So if you want to how to increase Instagram reels views, you should only put the Video in one category.

If you do this, then there is significantly less chance of getting more views on your Video. You have to create your content for this. After doing good research, prepare the Video yourself and then put it on Instagram Reels.

Most people put their videos without editing them properly. If you create your content, edit it well, and put it on Instagram in a good way, you will soon start getting good views on your Instagram posts.

2). Continue Putting Instagram Reels

Your first relies on Instagram will not get millions of views. For this, you have to keep putting reels on. If you keep posting posts on Instagram every day for 15 to 20 days, then you will start getting results after some time.

Even today, winning big social media platforms like YouTube, blogging, Instagram, or other short video platforms, the chances of playing any video in them are as high as the more you keep putting regular content on that platform. 

If you want good views, likes, and followers on Instagram, you must put 1 to 5 Instagram Reels daily. If you regularly put your own created videos of good quality for one month, then you will start getting thousands of views.

3). Use Description and #Hashtag in Reels

Whenever you put your reels on Instagram, definitely use Description and HasTags inside it. Many people post their good-quality regular reels on Instagram, but still, their views are low.

One of the reasons for this can also be that you may not have used the hashtags correctly. If you use hashtags in your videos, your Instagram reel will have more reach than the rest of the reels.

This is why many prominent creators never forget to use the hashtag associated with that Video inside their movies on Instagram. If you also want good views on Instagram reels, then definitely try using the hashtag once.

4). Collaborate with Other Content Creators

If you have many followers, you must collaborate with other content creators like you. This will see your Instagram posts to the followers of that creator, and your views will be doubled.

This benefits both the creators a lot. If you meet with a big creator, connect with him and upload it on Instagram. In this way, you can increase views on Instagram Reels by collaborating with any other creator.

So friends, do not forget to tell in the Comment how you liked this method of increasing views on Instagram reels.

5). Enter Instagram Follows on Trending Topics

Friends, there are chances of getting viral on most trending topics. If you also make a video on any trending topic, then your Video can go viral, and you can also get a million views on your relays.

For this, you can make relays on any trending song or topic on the internet. You can also take the help of Google Trends to make relays on trending topics. Apart from this, you can also check on Instagram what type of reels are trending at this time.

Make videos on those relays which are trending. They get excellent views by making reels on Instagram on many trending topics. Due to less competition on trending topics.

6). By Running an Ad on Instagram Reels

Friends, if you want to increase the views on Instagram Reels by investing money on Instagram, then Instagram Ads will be the best option for you. Inside this, you run your actual ad on Instagram by investing money, and with this ad, you get views on your rails.

This option is for those people who want to do their branding in very little time and have good money. If you do not have money, do not use this method.

If you want to make any product or relays of your course to the people, you should run an ad on Instagram Reels. But I would not recommend you to get views on Instagram Reels in this way because it will have a significant impact on your pocket.

Most Instagram users do not reply to the comments coming on their posts. If you also do this, there may be a problem increasing the views on your reels. If you respond to the commenters, your Video gets recommended to more people.

Along with this, the commenting user sees your reply and gets permanently associated with you. Therefore, reply to every positive negative Comment that comes on your roles. If someone advises you to improve the video quality in the world, then definitely pay attention to that. 

This trick is the most used on Instagram. Inside this, you like and comment on the videos of prominent creators. Given this, in the user’s eyes coming to the Video of the big creator, you get profile and comments, then many users also come to your profile from there.

With this, you can bring them to your profile and see your content. If the user visits your relays, then your views increase. If the user likes the quality of your content, then he can also follow you.

You must have seen that some people comment on the request to go to their channel on many big pages, media, or videos of creators on YouTube, Instagram. You can also comment on the profile of prominent content creators like this.

9). Follow Big Creators

Be sure to follow a creator bigger than you. This will let you know what the big creator has done, due to which so many views are coming on his Instagram reels.

Apart from this, you will learn a lot from great creators. With which you can bring good views on your Instagram posts.  

10). Giveaway From Time to Time

If you give a chance to the users coming on your reels to participate in the giveaway, then you can get good views on your reels. With this method, you can place a giveaway in which the participating user will have to see, Comment, and like your reels and share them with people on their profile. You can also put a condition to follow your account.

With this method, you will get good followers on your Instagram profile. Along with this, you will also get a lot of views and likes. You can get great ideas on your videos in this way. So I hope you must have liked the method of how to increase views on Instagram reels.


Question 1: What is the best way to increase views on Instagram Reels?

Answer 1: The best way is to keep uploading regular reels videos in the same category. This will start getting your good ideas.

Question 2: Which Instagram reels get the most views?

Answer 2: Most ideas come on girls’ Instagram even if their content is not good.


Friends, in today’s article, we have shared information about those Genian ways in front of you, with the help of which you can increase the views on your Instagram posts. After knowing these methods, you go to Increase Instagram Reels Views and Likes. You must have come to know about it very well. Which of these methods have you found the most helpful way to increase thoughts on Instagram Reels, do tell in the comments about it.

Apart from this, if you face any problem increasing the views, likes, and comments on Instagram reels or photos, definitely tell in the statement. Share it with your friends on social media if you like our article.

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