Everything Microsoft is doing for the gaming industry and PC gaming

Microsoft executive Phil Spencer has stated the vital importance of PC gamers to the tech company. We have a “responsibility” to PC gamers, he has said. In particular, Microsoft is talking about revamping the Microsoft Store to improve the PC gaming experience.

It seems Microsoft is gearing its strategies towards these users to ensure the future of their Xbox console and gaming in general. The Microsoft Store’s plans are a top priority for the company right now.

It comes right after Microsoft is trying out their upcoming Windows 10 April update. The update will allow players to download and play native Xbox One games on PC.

However, the Microsoft Store revamp is not everything the company is doing. The entire gaming ecosystem of the tech firm is moving towards a single goal: become the next gaming leaders in the market and snatch that place from Sony’s PlayStation.

Spencer told PC Gamer “delivering a great gaming experience to PC players is critically important to the future of Xbox and gaming at Microsoft.”

Microsoft’s priority is PC gamers

In a recent interview with PC Gamer, Spencer -executive VP of gaming at Microsoft- said the firm’s priority is delivering a Store experience tailored for gamers. The new store should have to factor all past challenges the tech giant has seen on PC.

The Microsoft Store is, currently, not an ideal place to search for gaming titles. First and foremost, searches are not optimized for gaming. And secondly, if you download a game from the Windows Store, you will struggle with various issues, glitches, and platforms that gave the platform its fame.

Spencer has acknowledged Microsoft has “made some mistakes” during its interview. During 2018’s E3, he said how Microsoft would push forward PC gaming through its Microsoft Store and overall Windows improvements.

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PC gaming is paramount for Microsoft

Spencer also hinted Microsoft might have some big announcements for 2019’s E3 about pc gaming.

The revelation might very well be Windows is allowing to play native Xbox One games. Native support for Xbox One titles, especially exclusives, makes it much easier for developers to get titles onto the PC.

Furthermore, all of this might be moving towards a single, multi-platform gaming store for PC and Xbox.

While PC gaming is paramount for Microsoft, so its prodigy console series. 2019’s E3 might also bring news about their next-gen console, which carries the codename Lockhart and Anadonda. Hmm…let’s just call it the Xbox 2.

However, Spencer has said on two separate occasions PC gamers are the center of Microsoft’s decision-making process.

That said, the company is even considering distributing their games through reputed online stores like Steam. Again, 2019’s E3 might bring further news about this.

On a side note, I feel inclined to share news about my favorite game on Steam, Black Mesa

Black Mesa is an open source remake of Valve’s masterful classic Half-Life, and its about $20 on Steam.

Microsoft is focused on gaming

We should also remind you about Project xCloud, a streaming service Microsoft is working on. The service allows to stream games directly from the company’s servers towards any device. The servers would handle the heavy loads, so it means you could play AAA titles from any kind of device.

Also, the tech giant is planning to expand Xbox Live to other platforms and is working on products like an adaptative Xbox controller (Xbox Adaptative Controller).

What do you think? Will Microsoft become the next gaming leader with everything they are doing?