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Posted by Syed Muhammad Ali

Backlinks are the great way to get Google Page Rank. Google also likes the Blogs who have high quality Backlinks. Getting Baclinks from .edu and .gov is quite difficult but there are many edu and gov sites whom have Comment Luv Plugin on their blog and you can easily get a backlink by commenting there.Commenting on Blogs is a great way to get Backlinks. Today I am sharing with you a Great method to get backlinks from edu,gov and other top Comment Luv blogs and Forums.

  • Write Your Keyword and Select Blog type From Find And Click Search
  • After Clicking, you will be directed towards Google Search Result Page
  • Click any link and the blog will open and you can easily comment.

This is a great method and will get you high quality backlinks from edu, gov and other blogs.

You can easily find the Comment Luv Blog from above methods.

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