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Blogging is a great way to pass your time or to make money online. It’s the easiest method to make money and you will get addicted to it once you started it, you just need a website and you can write  articles on it and start making money from your website but it requires some hard work to put your website on top of Google Search Results.

Now I will tell you how to Start your New Blog: First of all, You should be aware of Blogging Platforms, there are two major Blogging Platform,  Blogger and WordPress. You should decide your Platform, but before choosing, I will tell you some advantage and disadvantage of Blogger and WordPress.

  • Free Hosting for Images,videos
  • You can Place Ads on Subdomain
  • Html and Css friendly
  • Powered By Google
  • No Downtime

  • Not free hosting on Files
  • You have to do all work in javascript, no plugins.

  • Highly Customizable
  • Wide variety of Premium and Free themes
  • Less Javascript, Support Plugin

  • Ads not displayed on Subdomain
  • You have to pay for Hosting
  • Easier to hack
  • Difficult to Customize

What should i Choose? Blogger or WordPress

If you have chosen Blogger, then you can continue reading this Article because I am going to tell you that how you can Set Up your Blog.

Signing up for Blogger is not a difficult thing and below i am telling you how you can easily make your blogger account. To make account on blogger, you’ll need a gmail account.

If you don’t have Gmail Account! Don’t worry Because i will tell you how you can make Gmail Account.

How To Make Gmail Account

After Making your Gmail Account,

Follow the Below Instructions:

  • Go to Blogger
  • Log-In using your Gmail Account
  • After Logging, You have to First Make a New Blog
  • Click New Blog Button
  • Enter your Blog Title and Write Blog Address on Popup Windows 
  • Choose Blog Template(theme) and Click Create and Your Blog will be Created
  • Now you can easily start to write post by Selecting your Just Created Blog and you will see your Blog Dashobard
  • Click New Post and there you can Write your Post.

  • You can also import some Great Templates on your Blog
  • Just Go to Template Section and Click Backup/Restore Button at Top Right
  • Remember to Backup your Running Template By clicking Download Full Template.
  • Now click Choose File and Select Your Template from your Pc and Click Upload.
  • You will see the New Template Working.

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There is a great feature on blogger, you can daily check your Blog stats Easily. if you have started your Blog, you have to concentrate on your Niche. Check your Blog Stats Daily in the Stats Tab.

If you think your blog is well established and you are getting Good Pageviews. Then your can Make Money From your Blog.

Google Adsense is a web advertising network which displays other companies(advertisers) ads on  your blog and gives you money when someone click on Ads.

You can make money from Google Adsense! Adsense provides great cpm and cpc ads to Advertiser and Publisher(you). But Your Blog must Complies with Adsense Policies in order to Get Adsense Approved.

Get Adsense Account Approved Easily

Google Adsense Major Policies

If you think that your Blog complies with Adsense Policies, you can apply for Adsense.

  • Go to your Blog’s Dashboard and Click Earning Tab.
  • Click Sign Up for Adsense
  • Click Yes, use button
  • Select your Blog’s Language and Write your Blog Address
  • Click Submit Application
  • You will see a Message

You will get Adsense for 3-4 Days, This may also take 1 Week. 

Adsense will review your Blog’s Content

Don’t Panic because Newbies get their Adsense Rejected. Don’t lose hope Because there are some Great Adsense Alternatives which you can make money.

Top Google Adsense Alternatives

Now the Next Step is to Improve your Blog Seo,Google Page Rnak,Alexa Rank.

Insert Meta Tag to your Blog To Improve Search Engine Ranking

Tips to Get High Quality Backlinks

Submit Your Blog to Google Webmaste Tool

Easiest Way to Get High Quality Backlinks

Important Steps to do If you have a new Blog

Important Tips Before Writing A post

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Tops Killer Tips to Increase Pagerank

How to Become Google Verified Author

Submit your Blog to Search Engines

Apply these all tricks and you will see a great change in your Blog. That’s all for Now!

I hope you like this tutorail, Comment below for Queries

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