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Posted by Syed Muhammad Ali

Networked blogs is a great site to connect blogger with social sites. It helps you to place your posts links on Facebook  twitter and other social sites. It is free and you can easily use it to connect blogger with social sites. It can give you huge amount of traffic to your blog daily. Networked blogs post your all posts links on social sites on which you would like to paste.
Just Follow the below instructions to Use networked blogs

  • Log-In using your Facebook
  • Paste your Blog Url In Blog Link Field

  • After Click Next, You will see the Registration Form, Fill the form Correctly and click Next

  • If you are the Author of the blog, Click Yes

  • After Clicking, You will be asked to verify the authorship. Click Install widget

  • Now you will be given two codes i.e. for WordPress and Blogger

  • Copy the Code and Go to blogger dashboard >> Layout >> Add Gadget >> Html/Javascript  and paste the code there and save it

  • You can add it to WordPress by clicking Add text to Sidebar and Paste the Code There and save it.
  • Click Verify Now and You will see verification Message
  • Click Refresh the page to See Changes

  • You will be directed towards your profile
  • Click “Activate automatic syndication to Facebook and Twitter”

  • You will be redirected to syndication page
  • Choose your blog
  • Choose Where you would like to publish post by Click on the Facebook and Twitter Icons
  • After Choosing, You are done! Page will look like this

Now when will you publish a post, Your post link will automatically be post on your social Sites

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