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Today, bloggers are making big competition on Internet and in order to overcome them, U have to write articles very efficiently. This could increase your blog traffic 10 times and your blog could be at the top of  search result on Google. Most people write irrelevant content on their blog, You can get huge pageviews if you write articles to the point and look up for some post writing tips so that you can take maximum advantage from your post.Today i am sharing some tips by which you can make huge traffic from your blog posts. Read the Tips carefully and Apply these while writing you blog post
While writing article, You should be greatly sensitive of the words you are writing.Your content should be original. You should write quality articles. 
Do not waste the time of visitor by writing useless description. Write length posts but related to your niche so that the visitor would not get bored while reading your blog’s lengthy post.
Top 5 Seo killer Tips

2-Post Title:

3-How to use keywords in Content:

If you want your  blog’s visitor increased by 10 times, Then i have a great tip for you. This tips will increase your Blog’s Traffic from Google. Where to use keywords in the post is the most important question as it can change your blog visitors ratio.Place maximum keywords of your post b/w first 3-4 lines of your post because whenever your blog title appears on Google  There also appear the two three lines of that posts and hence your keywords would also appear and Google would also count these words. You can use Adwords tool for finding high paying keywords
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How to use Google Adwords Tool

See the example below

Internal linking is the great way to make huge amount of traffic from a single visitor. Internal linking is your blog’s posts linking with each other. This method also increase your Page Rank.Place at least 2-3 Links inside your post but related to the heading of your post so that the visitor get attracted towards your other posts.

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