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Posted by Syed Muhammad Ali Every Blogger want to get Pageviews and there are many great techniques to get huge Pageviews.

Toady I am sharing some Great Tips which would help you to get more pageviews on your Posts. 

Below are some Great Tips to Increase your Blog Pageviews

While writing your Post, you must Place images related to the Post. You should place minimum of 1  Image per Post. Placing Alt tags On Images is a great way to get Traffic from Search Engine. 

How to Add Image Alt Tag In Blogger

Actually alt tags helps your Visitor to Find your Blog image in Google Image Search Results.  Sometimes visitor don’t want to go to Blogs to Find Widgets instead they Search on Google Images.  Google displays images using image alt tags and if you have placed image alt tag on your Posts Images, then you’ll be definately Secarch by Google and this would help you to get lots of Pageviews.

Social Media Plays an important role in Blogging as the efficient use of it, you can boost your blog pageviews, When you Publish a Post, Share it on Social Sites and Create your Page and Share it on your Page and also on your Wall, you can use Hootsuite or other apps to Connect your blog with Social Sites.

How to Use Hootsuite to Connect Blogger with Social Sites How to Use Networked Blogs to Connect Blogger with Social Sites How to Use dlvr to Connect Blogger with Social Sites

If you wish to get a lot of pageviews from your Posts, then here is a great way to increase visitors to your Blog Posts. Use Meta Tags for Each Post. Whenever you Publish a post, place their Meta Tags in your Template so that you could add more keywords and description of the post.

Learn to Add Meta Tags to Each Post

Meta Tags help you to Add Description and Keywords of your Blog and you can use it also on each Blog Post.

This would help you to Add more Keywords andDescription of your Blog Post and it could help Search Engine to find your Keywords Apply these Tips on your Blog Posts and I hope you’ll see Traffic Improvement On your Blog.

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