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Posted by Syed Muhammad Ali

Today competiton on the internet is gaining high speed and the people who are not paying full attention to their online business, are going to loss. Here are some tips to get easily 1000 pageviews per day

it is neccessary for a blogger to write original content on his blog and his article should have a quality.No body like copier so if u copy posts from other blogs, you will not only banned by google, but also people will not visit you blog, so write unique content. Don’t forget to write quality content, always add 2 or 3 killer sentence in a paragraph because it will attract your reader and he would want to read your whole post.
It is a main thing for a blogger if he wants to increase his pageviews because the reader will get more attractive on the post by reading it’s title. if your post have a useless title, then the reader will not get attractive so write  great title
If you want a good google pagerank and high visitors through the google, then you should apply this trick because it will work and it will give you huge amount of traffic through google.
b) Use excessive keywords in the first 3 lines of your post because they will appear in search results.

Sometimes reader gets atttacted towards your other post related to the article.linking your articles in a single article is the successfully method of getting your traffic boost. So must link minimum of 4-5 articles of your blog to boost your traffic and also pace popular post widget in sidebar and recommended posts below your will surely get huge traffic through this method

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