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Posted by Syed Muhammad Ali
Social Media is now a days getting popular and we should take full advantage of it. Today i am sharing a great social Like Widget. These are not share buttons but these are follow buttons to get you facebook, twitter and other likes.

  • Go to Blogger
  • Log-In to Your Dashboard
  • Go to Template Section
  • Click Edit Html
  • Find there by Pressing Ctrl+F Key
  • Paste the Below Code Just Below

Follow Us!

Smiley face  Smiley face  Smiley face  Smiley face  Smiley face  Smiley face  Delicious
get this


  • Change  with your Blog Address
  • Change Infotechblogging with your Facebook page ID
  • Change windowsreloded with your Twitter ID
  • Change with your StumbleUpon Page Address
  • Change 110817047900329688573 with your Google+ Profile ID
  • Change infotechblogging with your Rss Feed Address
  • Change windowsreloded with your Delicious Page ID

You are Done!

If you feel any problem while installing, Discuss with us by Writing Comment Below!

Follow Us!

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