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Posted by Syed Muhammad Ali Most of the people online use blogger and blogger comment system looks little ugly but there are many companies which makes comment boxes for blogger and they have a variety of blogger comment boxes Maintainance of blog is very important thing for a blogger. Below i am listing some comment boxes for blogger which looks attractive and made your blog aawesome and you will get more comments

Vicomi is the great blogger comment box and it look beautiful below posts and it will surely attract your visitors. You will get also recommend comments widgets
Htmlcommentbox is also a great comment box and you can add fields in it. It’s a just comment box and you can add it anywhere on your blog Disqus is a great comment box system and it is easy to use. you just have to add it in html and it will automatically replace your blogger comment box. the biggest adantage of these comment boxes that you can also earn money from them Quackit is another comment box but i would not recomment you this comment box. Quackit is the blogger comment box which has also a variety of option using the comment boxes Flexi comment box is a good comment box which you can apply it on blogger

So if you are deciding choosing a comment box from above boxes, i would recomment you to use  vicomi or disqus comment boxes.

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