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Posted by Syed Muhammad Ali Internal Linking of Posts is a great way to improve Seo of your blog.Internal linking helps the visitor to find the linked post from your post. It can boost up your traffic. Internal linking helps your blog posts to connect with each other and this is a great method to get Google Page RankFeatured Post:How to Link Exchange from other Blogs
Internal linking is the linking of your blog’s articles with each other. It’s a great way to get pageviews from a single visitor

It’s simple!, Write your post and then add some link of your other posts as featured posts but these links should be related to the article’s niche or you can also add link to a specific word. You can also exchange links from other blogs

Using Adsense on your blog is great way to make money.

In the Above Paragraph, I have linked great way to make Money with my post about how to make money.

Internal links are very important for your blog if you want to improve your Seo and Google’s Page-rank.

Google also likes the blogs who use internal linking and back-links and this method can get you boost your daily views through Google. When i started my blog, I did not placed any internal link, but after understanding it’s importance, i started to Link my blog’s posts with each other and now i am getting Google pageviews on my all Posts. 

Now i will tell you how to increase Pagerank using internal linking but it takes 2-3 months to get Pagerank.

Add your links to your posts and Submit your Blog’s sitemap to Google.

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