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Posted by Syed Muhammad Ali

Compressing Blog Html and Css is a Great way to Reducing Blog Load Time. As you know readers only likes the blog which loads faster. According to the Research, 70% of people close blogs due to long lasting loading. There are many online services which allows you to Compress your Blog Html and Css. 
Today i am sharing the easiest way for you to Reduce your blog Load Time. This tutorial will tell you how you can compress your Blog HTML and Css. Follow the Below Steps to Compress HTML and Css.

(1) – Go to CssDrive

  • Now there you will see a big text field
  • Paste your Blog Html and Css inside the Text Field

  •   You will be Directed to another page where you will see the Compressed Code.
  • Copy the Code From the Text Field By Clicking Highlight Code.
  • Paste this code instead of the Code your Copied In Above Step.

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