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Compressing Blog Html and Css is a Great way to Reducing Blog Load Time. As you know readers

only likes the blog which loads faster. According to the Research, 70% of people close blogs due to

long lasting loading. There are many online services which allows you to Compress your Blog Html and

This article brings a Good News for the Bloggers who want to make an Awesome Contact form for their

Blog. This is another Great Service to Newbies offered free by ITB.

Today i am sharing this Tutorial for Bloggers who want a blogger widget only shown to them (admin).

This can be easily possible by just adding some piece of code in your Blog Template. This tutorial will

help you to add a widget on your blogger which could only be seen by you and your visitors won’t see it.

You can add your Blog Stats or other widget in your Blog and your visitor wont see it.
Just Follow the Below Instructions:

(1) – Go to Blogger

(2) – Log-In to Your Dashboard

(3) – Go to Layout

(4) – Click Add Gadget and Add a widget you would like to Add. If you already added a widget then Click

Edit button Below the Widget and Name It. eg: mywidget

(Note: Naming the Widget would help you to find widget in your Blog’s Template)

(5) – Now Go to Template Section

(6) – Click Edit Html

(7) – Now Find Your Widget name, ie: mywidget By Pressing Ctrl+F Key.

(8) – After Finding It. Expand the widget By Clicking the Triangle Icon beside Code.

(9) – After Expanding, You Have to Enter a Code Before and After this Widget. It will look Like This:


(10) – You Have to Add the Red Parts and you are Done!.

 You have to Place the First Red Part (In above Code) Below And Second Red Part

Above .

I hope This Tutorial has helped you, Kindly Ask your Questions in Below Comments

Today I am Sharing A this tutorial for Bloggers who want to make a blank template to make contact

page or other page. You can easily make a Blank Template By adding some Codes in your Template.  J2YDU69S42G2

Today i am sharing this tutorial for Newbies who want to change their blog background color with an

image or another color. This also works for the templates who have restrictions to change background


If you are using a background image on your blog or using high quality images in posts then you might

be in trouble about image loading time. Loading high quality/size image loads your blog slow. I am

writing this post because i also got into trouble when i place a high quality background image in blog


This is a Simple Google Adsense Code Generator. You don’t need to Log-In to use this Generator!

Today This article will tell you how you can Place Adsense Between All your Blog Posts.

Placing Adsense between Blog posts is a great way to boost your Income.

You can place ads between anywhere in the Post easily without Adding Any Code.

You Just have to Add Some Code in Your Blog template and you are Done.

Today this article will tell you how you can Remove all Spam Links from your Blog. Bloggers use many

3rd party sites to get thousands of Spam Links which they thing as a Backlinks. These Backlinks take

your Page Rank down instead of increasing it. Many people are not aware of it and they take Spam

Links from other Fake Sites. Getting Good Quality Backlink helps to increase your Page Rank but a

Poor Quality Backlink may Destroy your Page Rank. It is good to have a single High Quality Backlinks

than having a thousands of Poor Quality or Fake Backlinks.

Well, there’s no need to worry if you want to remove all spam links from Your Blog Because Google

Disavow Tool is here to Help you.
Today This tutorial will show you how you can get your Gmail account mail on another Gmail Account.

Favicon plays an important role in Blog’s appearance. Every blogger use favicon so that visitor might

recognize his blog from Favicon.Adding Favicon in Blogger is not a difficult task. You can easily add

Favicon in Blogger.

Test Your Internet Speed using InfoTechBlogging Speed Test. ‘Click Begin Test’ to Start Testing your

Internet Speed. Check your Download and Upload Speed Using the Below Tool.

This tutorial will help you to Customize your Blog ‘Read More’ Button. We will share how you can

change text of ‘Read More’ Button, you can also replace read more with an image and also align it

from right to left.

This is a color code generator and you can easily find colour code by Just selecting color.