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For most people the Internet means Google. And given its popularity, rightly so. Google’s search market share is mammoth 89 percent. In fact, Google receives 3.5 billion searches every day, adding up to over 1.2 trillion searches yearly.

From the data it’s evident that people are hooked onto it, becoming dependable on Google for every sort of information. Therefore, for businesses, it’s important to utilize the opportunity Google presents.

By implementing the right set of SEO techniques, using other marketing tools offered by Google, businesses can drive more ecommerce sales, reach more people, and accelerate revenue generation.

Fact #1

Google’s search market share is mammoth 89 percent. In fact, Google receives 3.5 billion searches every day, adding up to over 1.2 trillion searches yearly.

Look, considering Google a mere search engine will be a huge mistake with lamentable consequences for a business. That line of thinking is for common people to share, not for businesses.

See, for instance, Google Play Store. By making efforts to delve into its working, a business can improve the standing, in other words, the ranking of its business mobile app, which in a week’s time can translate into improved sales, visibility, market dominance, etc.

Marketers, can utilize Google tools for marketing and start reaping countless benefits Google offers and speed up their marketing efforts. To help you get maximum out of Google, utilizing it to turn the fortunes of your business, we have compiled a list of the most essential and the best Google marketing tools marketers can take advantage of.

Free Google Tools for Marketing [2023]

List of free Google tools for digital marketing, marketers and businesses!

1. Google My Business

Google My Business is a free advertising tool offered by Google to market your business. All a marketer has to do is claim Google My Business listing for his/her business. After that, there is every chance for your business to get featured in Google search results.

You may have the best marketing strategy but even that couldn’t deliver results if your website isn’t healthy enough! That’s why Google Webmaster Tools. It offers you a detailed insight into the health of your website, and helps you keep your site up and running! Additionally, it alerts marketers whenever red flags damaging search visibility of a website crop up so that it can be gotten rid of early on.

3. Google Analytics

One of the best marketing tools from Google, Google Analytics helps marketers understand and analyze website traffic. You can discover the demographics of your website visitors and target your campaigns accordingly.

Shortest to say, Google Analytics is a marketing tool that lets you understand your target audience better. Which is half the job done when it comes to successful marketing campaigns.

Not only demographics, marketers get to the new locations of users, the language they speak, keywords they search for to reach your business, etc. Whether your traffic is coming through mobile or desktop, Google Analytics will let you know. All this information is necessary to make your marketing campaign more targeted.

Free Google Tools for Marketers!

4. Google AdWords

However, if you’re desperate to rank overnight and give a jumpstart to your organic search rankings in Google, Google AdWords might interest you the most among all Google marketing tools for marketers.

PPC product from Google, Google AdWords helps marketers create keywords-specific ads. What you do is make a list of keywords that better describe your business and start creating targeted ads.

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The cost of pay-per-click ads depends on the competition a given keyword has for which ad is created. More the competitiveness, the higher the rates will be.

5. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner helps marketers get first-hand knowledge of relevant keywords and search phrases people use related to business. Not only keywords but marketers also get bid estimates based on the competitiveness of particular keywords.

You also get to know the search volume of keywords you wish to target, hence it can help you better utilize your budget based. However, the significant part of Google Keyword Planner is its ability to offer marketers ideas for long-tail keywords, which are much easier to target and rank for.

In fact, you can leverage the same tool to drive organic traffic and boost the ranking of your website. When creating content for blogs or website pages, there also Google Keyword Planner proves helpful in researching and identifying keywords to target. Hence, end up improving the overall SEO ranking of your business.

Free Google Tools Make Online Marketing Easy and More Yielding!

6. Google Trends

Google Trends is yet another marketing tool that can be used to get a better idea of what’s trending and what’s not. Accordingly, it can help you make smarter choices when it comes to keywords.

There is no better tool available that could give insight into the popularity of certain terms in vogue today than Google Trends. It offers you insights into the region-wise popularity of keywords, therefore helping you better target your keywords.

Google Trends is also helpful in identifying new and trending topics, which marketers can cash in on to create new opportunities for their business.

7. YouTube

The fact that over 1 billion users watch thousands of hours of videos on YouTube is reason enough why marketers should take it seriously as a marketing tool.

It begins with creating your business’s YouTube channel. Followed by the publication of informative, engaging, and interesting videos, which billions are ready to devour especially millennials.

The same videos can be embedded into your blog content, homepage, etc. Also, you can share it on social media platforms to gain maximum traction. Shortest to say, it’s time to make YouTube your top priority when it comes to video content strategy.