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Posted by Syed Muhammad Ali

Improving Image seo can help you to boost your blog pageviews. You might have seen that many people search widgets or other things on google image searcch results beccause it is the easy way to find related blog. You may have used many images on your blog but are they optimized?
Optimized images can double your blog’s traffic and can improve your Search Engine Ranking on Google or other Search Engine. Today I am sharing some important points which you can apply on your blog images and can increase your blog’s traffic.

Just Follow the Below tips and double your blog’s traffic Placing alt tags on your Blog images is a great way to get your image on Search Engine Image Result. Whenever you write a post. Make sure that you place alt tags on your post images. Alt tags are the hidden description of the images which help Search Engine to find your post through image. Your image tag should be the post title or related to it.

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Using images is a great way to attract visitors towards  your post. Sometimes due to useless images, your visitor might get distract and leaves your post without reading it. Many bloggers post images at top of post so they should place rich images because it is well said

                                  “First Impression Is The Last Impression”

So make your Post Attracting by Choosing Post image Wisely. You’ll get a good collections images blogs like flickr or you can search image on Google image search Results or manage to make one by your own.

Placing watermark on images is a great way to get traffic from other blogs. Sometimes visitor gets attracted by your blog post Images and he copies it and post your image on his blog. You can get a lot of advantage from this image by placing a watermark on your image.

Watermark is like an attribution you place on an image. You can edit image and place your blog url in some corner of the image so that if someone copies your image and post on his blog, his visitors may see your blog’s url in the image like an example below.

In above picture, u can see the watermark.

That’s All! I hope this would help you to get your blog ranked high. Best of luck for your career and feel free to ask any question in below comments

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