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Today I am not going to describe every point too much but will give you some tips on writing a post. Writing a post is not a big task, you just have to gather some information adn write it on your post but your post should have some quality so that it could get show on Google and Get some pagerank.
Today I am Sharing Some Good Tips which you should Apply on Your Article In order to write article, you should choose keyword for article. You can choose keyword using Google Adwords Tool and place that keyword in your whole post.
Placing keywords on specific lines is a great way to improve Seo. Place you blog’s Keywords in the first 2-3 lines of your blog so that these keywords also appears on Google’s Search Results description.
Top 5 Seo Tips Write rich in your article and do not copy content from other blogs because your blog would appear as fake and Google only likes the blog who write original content on their blog.If you are sharing a widget or writing some tips, Don’t forget to write at least 2-3 lines of description about your articles How to Use Google Adwords Tool

Internal linking is the great way to to improve Seo and Google’s Page-rank  You can boost up your traffic using Internal Linking. You can link you blog posts with one another

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