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Infolinks is a company that provides a variety of advertising on Blog. Infolinks is the Best Alternative of Adsense but a little different from Adsense as Adsense provides Banner ads but Infolinks Provides text ads and Other Variety of Ads.

Using Infolinks on your blog is a Great way to make money but your Blog must be having high Visitors because the you will get a little clicks on Text Ads.
Ususally the links, they provide you which are relevant with the content on your Blog
Follow are the Ads that Infolinks provides: Insearch Ads are another kind of ads provided by Infolinks, you can place these ads in your blog by just enabling them. these ads appear below the post and stick to the browser and are scrollable. The big advantage of these ads is that they find the keyword in your Post and then display the ad on that keyword.

In-text advertising is essentially an advertising solution that companies will choose to target specific keywords on an article, webpage, blog post, or anything really that will link visitors back to their advertised product, site, service, offer, or whatever the case may be.
Infolinks provides best intext ads and then Adsense, so if you are having a huge traffic on your Blog, then you must apply for Infolinks.

Intag ads are the most affective ads by Infolinks, these ads are text ads which are Placed in your Post and they automatically find the best keywords used in the post and place the ads on these keywords below the post  you just have to enable Intag Ads or Manually Place the code where you want to display the ad.


Inframe ads are another option for you by Infolinks, you can place their banner ads on left and right side of your blog. This would not distract the reader but will attract him as he will might click the ad while reading the post.
Inframe allows Infolinks to Place ads between Margins in a post

That’s All. I hope this tutorial has helped you.

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