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Posted by Syed Muhammad Ali

Most of the bloggers on internet don’t understand the page rank, they just want to

increase the page rank of their blog but don’t know how to increase it. 

Well understanding Page rank is not so easy as Google has keep it a little secret. It’s not

a thing that you can easily get. Google Page rank is algorithm of calculating blog rank.

There are many effective ways to increase Google Pagerank. 

But you have to be patience because it take a lot of time to improve Page Rank.

Below i am describing some effective ways to improve blog page rank.

The best way to increase Page rank of your blog is to write articles on some high ranking


How Guest post Increase Pagerank?

Writing posts on other top quality blogs can increase your blog page rank.  When you write

guest post on top page rank blogs and paste your blog link in post, then the guest blog of

that blog will be shared with you and you will get the same Page rank.

So writing Guest Post on top blogs is a great way to increase blog page rank.

Use Seo techniques in your blog to improve your Blog Page rank. Search engine

optimization helps Google to find your blog easily and will also improve your blog Page


Below are featured articles on Seo you must apply on your Blog.

The above posts are the featured posts so must check these and apply all these tips on

your blog

Writing original content on your blog plays an important in improving blog page rank. In

order to increase blog Page Rank, write original posts with no copied content. Google like

the blogs who write original posts. If you copy content form other blogs then your blog could

be banned by Google.

Always write great content in your posts so that visitor might stay a long time on your blog.

Write posts efficiently and do not copy from other blogs. Google also likes the blog who

write great content. 

I hope the above tips have helped you improving your blog Page rank.

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