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Written By Lucie Kruger

Link building is the very usual task that is carried out in Search Engine Optimization, but you cannot name it as simple nut to crack. The reason being is that there is no such fun attached within the process.

If, 2014 is concerned and being a SEO, you are not doing it in a right way then it is strictly restricted to give the results. So, deeming it is an obsolete thing will be simply futile. Thus, people who claims that link building is “dead”, simply wants to get out of the practice of link building and those who are really concerned with this, can simply follow the below listed tips that can really aid them in acquiring the best of their efforts.

Fruitful tips for link builders:

Building the links on the websites that is nothing to do with your offered services will not be fruitful at all. So, it is better to maintain the concentration on the websites where you can avail the relevant niche. For an example, if you business niche is associated with social media and you are posting an article on the relevant website, then the link will be more worth-full than that of 200 guest posts on irrelevant websites and unpopular websites.

This might be a bit of surprising for you, but it should not be. Guest blogging is basically intended to serve you a platform to seek the audience which is relevant with what you actually do. If suppose, you are associated with the business of selling the cars and you are posting the blogs on agriculture related websites, then it will be like serving for hours to acquire minimum performance. So, offering with the efforts of relevant, valuable and high quality content must be done at the relevant websites, so that you can get what you are serving. 

This is the technique that can actually help you because most of their time people make the submissions for the local clients. Creating amazing offers and submitting them on local ads on the submission websites can aid the business as well as in bringing the Google Ranks. Always remember that this can bring your website at the top including the high quality image along with Ad description. Such images will be the best for convincing the customers to contact for the businesses. 

There is another point which is noteworthy that doing the relevant positing is worth. This way the readers will take more interest on the post. This has become the more important one as the element of link building exclusively after the trend of latest update of Google which is commonly known as Hummingbird. Former to this, by employing generic types of keywords, people can easily reach to the website; however, Hummingbird post has brought an entirely different scenario. The new Google algorithm of 2014 makes the people to understand the difference among the searches made for a specific car and its accessories   Image link building may appear like another milestone to cover. At various places, it have been pushed since last year and there is also another fact that there are many business owners that have image banks which eventually makes the technique of image building highly cost-effective. The difficulty encountered in this process is also low and the real work is within the setup. The results are however good. 
SEO’s that are having big budgets will continue with pushing the trend of content marketing, instead the low budget SEO will thanks about this that how can they create the linkable assets. One can simply turn the unique knowledge to the linkable asset without any video shooting and adding the fancy graphics. It will be better, if all the expertise will be taken out of the head and getting it on the site in various forms including how-to, cheat sheets, blog post and other amazing formats. One simply needs to create the amazing thing so as to acquire the amazing links. Just mind; promotion needs to be good as per the concept.

All such tactics are really worth which must be applied by all the SEO professionals to acquire the best productivity out of their efforts in the year 2014.

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