How to Open Jazzcash Account on Zong/Telenor/Ufone Sim

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Read best answer of how to open Jazz Cash account on Zong Telenor or Ufone SIM number online at InfoTech Blogging, best answering site. Jazz is the largest telecom network in Pakistan running over 9 million regular users. Due to this, Jazz has become Pakistan’s best telecom network.

Introduction to JazzCash Mobile Account

Jazz Telecom Company has announced a JazzCash mobile account which can be operating with your mobile phone. Basically JazzCash account is made over bank account in accordance to your mobile phone number. By having JazzCash account you can use lot of financial services anywhere with ease. You can pay your electricity and utility bills online through JazzCash mobile account. You don’t need go out and pay electricity bill. By having this account, you don’t need to go banks to pay any bills. JazzCash mobile account has all menus which will easily work for you. More importantly you can run your JazzCash account on ordinary SIM phone. There is no requirement of any smartphone to run this account.

How to Open JazzCash Account on Zong/Telenor SIM Number Online

Here you’ll learn about how to open JazzCash account on Zong on Telenor SIM number. This method is helpful for Zong and Telenor customers who want to open a JazzCash account. JazzCash mobile account can be open on any other network mobile number. The following method is also useful for those who want to know about how to open JazzCash account on jazz SIM number online.

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  1. In order to open JazzCash account on Zong or Telenor SIM number you should go first under biometric verification process.
  2. After the biometric verification process, visit the nearest JazzCash Agents or Jazz Franchise.
  3. To open JazzCash account Zong/Ufone SIM number online, just download the JazzCash mobile app and get the register itself.
  4. If you want to open JazzCash account Telenor SIM number online, just visit the Jazz Experience Center near you or download the JazzCash mobile app.
  5. To open JazzCash mobile account on jazz and Warid SIM, just dial *786# and enter your CNIC issuance date mentioned on the ID card. You can also open the account by downloading the JazzCash mobile account app.

How To Reset or Change JazzCash Mobile Account MPIN Code Online

Jazz Cash Account
Jazz Cash Account

Here you can read about how to set/reset or change JazzCash mobile account Master PIN code online. Keep reading the following procedure.

  • All the jazz and Warid customers can set/reset or change JazzCash mobile account master pin code online by dialing *786*6*1#.
  • All the other customers can change or set the MPIN code by using JazzCash mobile App.

How to Find or Get Lost JazzCash 4 Digit MPIN Code Online

Read the best solution of how to find or get your lost JazzCash 4 digit MPIN code online at Info Tech Blogging; the best answering site in Pakistan. If you have forgotten your JazzCash MPIN 4 digit code then please call 4444 from Warid or Jazz network. If you have any other network then just dial 021-111-124-444 to reset your MPIN code.

How to Deposit Money in JazzCash Mobile Account Online

Now here, you can read about how to deposit money or balance in JazzCash mobile account online. Once you have done the registration process, then you can add or deposit money in your JazzCash account without any cost. To deposit money visit the nearest JazzCash agent. To find JazzCash agent near you, visit the official website. If you have already a bank account then you can easily transfer money into your JazzCash mobile account through online banking or ATM. To deposit money online in JazzCash mobile account, just select ‘Mobilink Microfinance Bank’ as a receiver and then write your JazzCash mobile account number.  When you will deposit money into your account, you will get a confirmation SMS from 8558.

How to Send Money on JazzCash Mobile Account through App

When you successfully made your account then you are ready to do transactions online. Now you can send money from your JazzCash mobile account by simply dialing *786#.  If you are not a Jazz or Warid user then you can send or receive money by using JazzCash mobile account App. For further help or assistance please call at JazzCash helpline line number 4444. If you are using another mobile network then call at 021-111-124-444 from your mobile. First, you will hear the caller tune from the company. Both android and iOS users can download the JazzCash mobile account App.

Transections Limits of JazzCash Mobile Account 

Following are the daily and monthly limits of JazzCash mobile account available here. You can read this information provided by the official Jazz website (reference). This platform is also providing you yearly limits of the JazzCash mobile account. See the following table of ‘transactions limits’.

Account LevelDaily CreditDaily DebitMonthly Credit & DebitYearly Credit & DebitMax Balance
Level 025,00025,00050,000200,000200,000
Level 150,00050,000200,0001,200,0001,200,000
Level 2400,00050,000500,0006,000,0001,500,000


All the customers whether they are using jazz or any other network can open a JazzCash mobile account. We try our best to provide you best answer on how to open JazzCash mobile account on Zong or Telenor SIM number. If you like our post please shares it with your friends and family members.

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